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Electric bikes in the rain? Are we crazy?!

I know what you're thinking: "Why don't I just stick a fork in the toaster?" But you might be surprised to hear that you can ride an electric bike in pretty much the same conditions you would expect to ride a normal bike. In fact as long as you don't submerge the electrical components you'll be fine. This means avoiding deep puddles, streams, and you probably want to steer clear of the electric bike's greatest enemy, the open ocean! All of out electric bicycles, from the Ecobike Vatavio to the Ultra Motors A2B, come well waterproofed right from the factory. There is no need to worry about electrocutions or shocks, so put those images of a radio in the bathtub right out of your head!

Ideal for any riding conditions

Electric bikes are a pleasure to ride in any weather: they get you where you need to go with less hassle and less effort. Take the eZee Forza for example, it comes equipped with disc brakes, fenders, and a light system wired directly into the battery. These make it ideal for riding on a rainy city commute where visibility, braking power, and remaining dry are crucial. All you have to do is wear a rain coat - or carry an umbrella, although that's not something we recommend. The electric bike will do the rest.

An electric bike is not a house that needs water proofing!

The only maintenance you might have to do on your electric bicycle is clean your contacts, making sure they are free of corrosion and contamination. You can also apply dialectic grease to the contacts, and maybe Vaseline on the outside housing of the plug to repel water. Never use silicon as it will make throttles stick and cannot be removed easily when repairs need to be performed. The electric bikes we carry are really well designed, and well thought out machines, so the only thing you need to worry about is where and when to go for a ride. The rest is taken care of.

A little rain won't turn your electric bike into an evil electric super-villain! If anything it becomes your super-hero, letting you coast with ease through the rough and windy weather. Where other bikers would be sweating up a storm fighting head-winds, the electric biker is making easy time from A to B. So get out there in the rain, sleet, slush, or snow. Of course, there's nothing wrong with going out for a ride in the sunshine either!

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