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2 Electric Bikes That Look Like Regular Bicycles

Some people want a flashy electric bike that says right out, "I've got some serious power behind these pedals." They want modern and unique frame designs that break the mold of a traditional bicycle. No problem, there are plenty of electric bikes out there that are tailored to be exactly that. Take the Ultra Motors A2B for example. The A2B electric bike has a techy frame and lots of power. It begs to be noticed and thrives on gasps and double takes. This bike is waving the electric bike flag all over the place. But what if you want an electric bike that's a bit more discreet, a bit less flashy, a bit more like a regular bicycle? Not to worry, there are still several great options.

Working in our electric bike shop I get to meet a lot of people with widely varying styles and demeanor. This blog is written in response to one of the most common questions I get, "Do you have any electric bikes that look like bicycles?"

The thing is, high-power flashyness isn't universal. There are lots of long time bike riders who don't want to just jump on a moped and leave their legs in the dust. They are simply looking for an assist, a way to get themselves back on the bike path. These would be electric bikers tend to want something a bit more traditional in appearance and function. And that is where our 2 pedal assist electric bikes shine.

Electric bikes with classic looks

There is no electric bicycle classier than the Giant Twist Freedom DX. This electric bike from the worlds leading bicycle manufacturer takes the "regular bike look" to heart with its clean lines, discreet battery packs, and slick metallic gray finish. Anyone who saw this pedal assist electric bike cruising down the bike path wouldn't suspect that for a second that it had the power to level hills and shoulder off headwinds at the flip of a switch. And yet at the same time it is effortless to operate. Simply press down on the pedals and a torque sensor matches your leg power with your choice of motor power (economy, standard, and sport). Any rider can easily take this low profile electric bike up to 16 mph without exerting themselves more than they care to.

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike takes easy-to-use to the next level. Discounting for a moment the electric function of this fine electric bicycle from Sanyo, lets talk about the bicycle itself. With a step-through frame dressed in a pure white and lustrously polished metal fenders the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is designed to embody a grace and understatement rarely found in electric bicycles. All that's left to do is pin a wicker basket on the front with a few boxes of blueberries and maybe a cute little puppy to complete the laid back and innocent style of this electric bike. It's just plain elegant. Now add to that a smooth pedal assist electric drive system which reads might as well read your mind as it responds to your every pedal stroke. This is one electric bike you never need to think about.

These two electric bikes are perfect for those who want classic bike looks and style paired with the most advanced electric assist and battery systems available. Take a moment explore each one and see what it has to offer you.