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Portland: Electric Bike Capital of the Country

Any avid cyclist in the U.S. knows that Portland, Oregon is a bicycle paradise. Bike lanes stretch through the city, up and down the banks of the Willamette, across every bridge, and through every park and garden. Bicycles are accommodated inside apartment buildings, on trains, and in most work places. There are even parades, goofy themed rides, and street fairs that are bicycle themed. Essentially, cyclists in Portland are more respected than automobile drivers and probably most pedestrians.

For residents of Portland that are looking to commute with a bicycle for the first time, or soon-to-be Portland residents that want to get involved with the city's bike culture, an electric bike is a great way to commute every day without putting too much stress on your body. Electric bikes are a great alternative to cars for commuters, and can also help to save a lot of money on public transportation. So which electric bikes are the best for a city like Portland?

Portland Electric Bikes: A Healthy Alternative to Driving

It's not surprising to find that electric bikes are also extremely popular in Portland. With almost 7% of the city commuting by bicycle, an electric bike is a pretty smart idea. For one, it make climbing any of the eight bridges a breeze. A pedal-assist bike like the OHM Urban electric bike can cycle through four different levels of motor assistance, depending on how much help you need. For those steep climbs, a throttle-powered bike like the Ezee Forza electric bike is the best bet. Just twist the grip and the motor does the work for you.

For commuters working in Portland's financial district, an electric bike keeps those nasty sweat stains off of a clean business suit. Many people ride to work in the morning with electric assistance, then turn the motor off for a good workout on the way home. Modifying a bicycle with something like the BionX electric bike conversion kit can even be better exercise than riding a regular bike.

Sightseeing on an Electric Bike in Portland

So now that you've got your electric bike, where are the best places to visit? Doing some laps around the Willamette is a beautiful ride, with maybe a visit to the OMSI Museum along the way. Luckily, most electric bikes have locks for their batteries and motors, making them pretty secure when locked up for short periods of time. Newcomers to Portland can cruise through Old Town Chinatown and visit the Lan Su Gardens, or just follow the bike path down to the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, to escape from the city for a while. With an electric bike, you can see the entire city for free without getting too tired.

If you feel like flaunting your electric bike, you can even decorate it and ride through the Alberta Street Fair. Just be prepared to compete with other outrageous setups like tall bikes, steam-powered bikes, and robots made out of bicycle parts. In Portland, there's always going to be some kind of crazy bike-related event going on. Why not join in?

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