How To Get In Shape With Electric Bikes

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How To Get In Shape With Electric Bikes

Somewhere along the line, your health took a turn for the worse. Now, as you recover, exercise may be difficult, and over exertion could be dangerous. It may be difficult to enjoy the activities that were once second nature. As people get older or suffer heath problems which prevent them from being as active as before, they often search for new ways to regain their strength and vitality. There is no need to despair, electric bicycles can help you get back in shape with low level exercise and motor assistance.

Electric bikes get you back outside

Riding an electric bike is the most enjoyable form of exercise. There is nothing like cruising down a beautiful stretch of road with the wind in your face, the sun beaming down, and fresh air in every breath. With an electric bike you have the motor there to back you up too. When it comes to those heart pounding hills, an electric bicycle has the power to get you over even the steepest without breaking a sweat. That means you can enjoy ALL of your ride, not just the parts on flats.

Fatigue doesn't stop an electric bike

When you get tired, just add a bit more motor assistance. With some electric bikes this is as easy as turning a throttle. With others, like the BionX kit, you can increase the motor assistance setting and the bike intelligently adds power as you pedal. Riding one of these electric bikes is like being a competition racer, only stronger. You still get to pedal, but for every stroke the motor adds up to 300% of what you put in.

How do you find the right electric bike?

You may be wondering which electric bike is right for you. With an over abundance of options available, finding the perfect electric bike to suit your needs can be mind-boggling. Do you want a step through model? What's the difference between pedal assistance and pedal activated? There are a lot of strange sounding questions to answer. Luckily, we can help you there. Our electric bike selector guides you through the process. Spend 10 minutes with it and one of our employees will help you find the perfect electric bike to suit your lifestyle.

Electric bikes can make you stronger

Once you have your perfect electric bike, it's time to get back in shape. Electric bicycles are not a magic solution, you have to start at a low level of exercise. That doesn't mean going slow though. It means that while you are regaining your strength you use more motor power to go fast. As you get stronger and stronger you can use less and less motor power. Eventually, you will find you have greater endurance and can go further and faster than before.

An electric bike is a great way to get more active after long periods without exercise. Many electric bikes have several power settings, so you can be sure that you will not be in danger of over exerting yourself. Electric bikes are the best way to gradually get back in shape. Don't let anything get in your way of a healthy and active life style. Find the right electric bike for you.