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Electric bikes, the bikes of the future

Electric bikes are employed for a large number of reasons. As countless people find a variety of uses for them in their daily lives, and as their advantages become more apparent, more and more people are adopting these bikes.

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to commute. For many, they are an alternate mode of transportation. You can get to work with much greater ease than a standard bicycle, and you can show up to your meetings without appearing sweaty and tired.

Many people enjoy group riding, whether it's with family or friends, but can't quite keep up. Electric bikes give them that ability to do so, allowing them to participate in activities without feeling limited.

For those that are aging or recovering from an injury or an operation, electric bikes give them increased mobility and the ability to get back in shape without straining themselves. For others, electric bikes simply mean an increased riding range without having to worry about having enough energy for the return trip, or the effortless conquering of hills that previously impeded bicycle travel.

Electric bikes: Different strokes for different folks

Electric bikes come in a wide variety of models, with different styles presenting different functions and modes of riding. Some electric bikes are throttle-based (such as our line of eZee bikes.) In these cases, engaging either a twist-grip handle or pressing a lever will cause the bike to receive power from the motor. With throttle-based electric bikes, the rider can either cruise effortlessly or pedal in conjunction with the throttle. Other electric bikes feature pedal assist, where no throttle is present but power rushes in from the motor every time the rider presses down on one of the pedals.

Pedal assisted bikes often feature a number of different modes of assistance, where the motor provides either a marginal amount of assistance or as much as triples the amount of effort being put in, depending on how it's set. Pedal assisted bikes are excellent for those looking to have their regular riding augmented by an additional power source, to assist them in reaching certain distances, overcoming difficult hills and inclines, getting exercise without being overwhelmed, and cutting time off of one's commute. There are also models of electric bikes that feature both a throttle and pedal assist, such as the Giant Suede E.

Other types of electric bikes exist as well: standard bicycles that have been converted into electric bikes using a conversion kit (take the Bionx conversion kit as a prime example), and folding electric bikes. Folding electric bikes provide all of the functionality of an electric bike, combined with the compactness and portability of a folding bike. Our electric folding bikes are exceedingly popular, with the IF Reach DC electric folder leading the pack. The IF Reach ebike is perfect for anyone dealing with tight quarters, whether it be an apartment in New York or on a boat in Florida.

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