Researching Electric Conversion Kits

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Researching Electric Conversion Kits

Electric conversion kits come in many different varieties, but what really separates the wheat from the chaff? For most people it can seem like price is the only discernible difference between one electric conversion kit and the next. This could not be farther from the truth. Let's go over the basics a familiarize you with electric conversion kits so that you'll be better equipped to decide which one is right for you.

Many people think that wattage or power is the most important factor in the quality of the electric conversion kit but I disagree. I think that battery quality comes first and foremost. After all, it is easy to make a high wattage motor and even low level electric conversion kits can be found with motors up to 1000 watts. That doesn't mean the electric conversion kit will be of good quality. Now a high quality battery is a different matter.

Electric conversion kits and battery technology

It is actually fairly difficult to manufacture high quality batteries with enough juice to power an electric conversion kit for 20 miles or more. These batteries are more expensive and as a result are found in higher quality electric conversion kits. No surprise there, so what do you look for to determine whether your electric conversion kit has a good quality battery or not?

1. Lithium - lithium batteries are the best for electric conversion kits because they are light weight and longer lasting. Lead acid batteries are heavy, bulky, difficult to maintain, and have a shorter product life than lithium. Given that you want your electric conversion kit to last you a long time it seems to make sense to go with lithium batteries.

2. Brush-less hub motors - there are a few types of electric bike motors common to electric conversion kits but brushless hub motors are the best. Instead of transferring power from he battery to the motor via metal contacts which wear down and need periodic replacement, brushless electric conversion kit motors are built in such a way that the contacts can remain stationary. This setup requires far less maintenance and is actually mire efficient. Think about it, if your electric conversion kit has parts rubbing together inside the motor you will not only lose power due to friction, you'll also have to think about replacing those parts eventually. Wouldn't a brushless motor be a better choice for your electric conversion kit?

3. Hub motors - the final truly important factor in choosing an electric conversion kit is how the motor will interface win the bike. Don't know what I'm getting at? Well some kits use motors that spin the wheel via a second chain attached to the wheel while others use motors integrated directly into the hub of the from or rear wheel. In my experience the best electric conversion kits are he hub motor type. By converting your bike into a hub motor bicycle these kits not only save you weight by combining new and old components of the bicycle, they also tend to be more powerful as they can act directly on the wheel rather than losing power through a middleman type connection such as a belt or chain.

Find the right electric conversion kit.

Picking a good electric conversion kit can seem like a complex mission, and it is. But now that you know a little bit about the major differences between the kits you'll be way ahead of the game.

Of all he possible kits out there we stock only two, the BionX electric bike kit and the eZee electric conversion kit. While these two it's are drastically different they both have all of the good characteristics we've discussed. Check out both these electric conversion kits in more detail by reading some of our electric bike motor kit articles.