There are electric folding bikes?!

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There are electric folding bikes?!

It's an obvious combination, and why not?

Many people seem surprised to find that folding bikes can be electrified and that electric bikes can fold. Or maybe it's just me mistaking excitement over this previously undiscovered possibility for surprise. Who knows? The point is electric folding bikes do exist. In fact they represent some of the best electric bikes out there. But who makes such a product? Well there are lots of makers but the best have their roots in the folding bike world.

Top two electric folding bikes:

The Dahon Boost electric bike and IF Reach DC are two of the finest electric folding bikes on the market. These two have the best of everything. Take the Boost for example:

On the one hand you have Dahon's world famous folding mechanism paired with 20 inch wheels to make for a very compact electric bike. On the other you have a highly efficient bottom bracket motor paired with a super light Lithium Ion battery pack to make for a lightweight electric bike. The Dahon Boost folds down just as small as as any other Dahon folding bike so you can store it almost anywhere, and at only 43 lbs this is one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. You can read our first time riding the Dahon Boost to learn more about this amazing electric folding bike. For now let's take a look at another, the IF Reach DC.

The IF Reach DC is a high performance electric folding bike built around a very cool folding bike frame. With a light weight battery and bottom bracket drive system similar to the Dahon Boost the IF Reach DC also makes for a very lightweight electric folding bike. In fact, at only 42lbs it is the lightest electric bike we have in the shop. That makes sure makes it easier to take in and out of your trunk. The IF Reach DC is quite a bit sportier than the Dahon Boost. Where the Boost leans towards comfort the IF Reach DC aims for speed and performance. It will effortlessly take you up to 20 mph, its integrated torque sensor reading your every move, and leave you with the impression that you suddenly acquired super powers. This bike makes no compromises. Bert made a great IF Reach DC lightweight electric bike video if you want to see it in action.

An economical electric folding bike

The Dahon Boost and IF Reach DC are our top of the line electric folding bikes and are consequently a bit more expensive, it's true. So what about an electric folding bike for the budget buyer? Well not to worry, the Ecobike Vatavio is ready to take on the job. This compact electric bike is not quite as fast and a bit heavier but still packs plenty of hill climbing, fatigue fighting power. It too has a lithium battery which, with a little pedaling on your part, will get you about 20 miles on a charge. The main difference is that, unlike the Boost and IF Reach DC, this folding electric bike has a throttle. That means it's the only one where you do not have to pedal if you don't want to. A nice bonus if you know you'll be getting pretty tired part way through your ride, though you have to expect a bit less range if you use that throttle a lot.

So there you have it: electric folding bikes summed up. They are great for people who need a portable electric bike or people short on space. Being some of our lightest and most compact electric bikes really sets these guys apart. If you're looking for an electric bike for the city you should definitely put an electric folding bike on your short list.