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Electric motor kit for bicycles

When assessing the troubles in life, we can all agree that assistance can be a crucial element depicting our success. This can be said for many things, not excluding riding a bicycle. Whether it may be going to work or school, performing errands, or just riding around, we have all felt the burning in our legs and the sweat in our face from exuberant pedaling to meet our goal. Determination is what makes us think our bodies can take us as far as we need, and it is these inhibiting factors like sore muscles, sweat, and exhaustion that argue. When this happens, it's good to have some assistance, which is what makes the electric motor kit for bicycles so popular in not only New York, but around the world.

Once you?ve decided you need to have an electrically assisted bike , some may ask, 'Where do I go from here? How do I decide out of the many choices out there what is perfect for me?' The first thing to consider is whether or not there is a bike that you already have and are comfortable with, and if you would want to convert it to an electric bike. If you simply want a gun-and-go, simple, yet efficient electric motor kit to add to your bike, you should probably look at the eZee conversion kit , which includes a motorcycle throttle (twist grip throttle) that you would just twist back any time you would need to use the assist. This is an excellent kit for those who would ride their bike like normal for most of the time, and then use the throttle for certain amounts of time when energy is crucial.

If you would be traveling long distances and would like to have the electric motor assist you for more extended ranges of time, the BionX electric motor kit (our most popular) would be the solution. What the BionX electric motor kit has to offer that most don't, is the availability of the throttle option along with pedal assist, both being extremely useful and coveted features, along with a regenerative braking mode. The throttle on the Bionx kit works the same way as the eZee conversion kits; simply gun-and-go, although on the BionX you have to already have started pedaling for this to take effect. The pedal assist feature is more advanced, yet requires less effort, being all you have to do is set the percentage that the electric kit will assist you.

    On the PL350 model, the four levels of assist to choose from are :
  • Level-A1: 35 % Flat ground
  • Level-A2: 75 % Moderate slopes, Headwind
  • Level-A3: 150 % Steep hills, Strong headwind
  • Level-A4: 300 % Very steep hills, high speeds

Another great feature that makes the BionX electric motor kit stand out is the regenerative braking mode. The idea of this feature is to recharge the battery when braking, as apposed to putting wear and tear on the rims and brakes. There are two ways to engage the regenerative braking mode. The handbrakes momentarily turn it on, (for as long as you hold it), and the computer console can actually be set for it to brake consistently until it's programmed otherwise.

These kits work great for all types of situations, and virtually everyone who rides bikes; now all you need is to stop into NYCeWheels any time (aside from a wet day) for a test ride.