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Electric Mountain Bikes Tear Up the Trails

Mountain biking can take you places you've never been before, but you have to do a lot of work first. It's a difficult sport, but also one of the most rewarding. Imagine looking out over a wooded valley in autumn. You've just ridden to the top of your favorite local trail. All you can see for miles around are trees and the open sky. Sounds nice. For many people though, riding a mountain bike up several miles of dirt and gravel trails seems daunting, if not impossible.

That's where electric mountain bikes come in. Instead of sweating and jamming the pedals for hours to get to that one perfect view, you could be riding effortlessly towards your goal on the power from your electric motor kit. Hang on a second though, isn't this article about electric mountain bicycles? Well, yes, but there actually aren't that many electric mountain bikes out there. And certainly not a lot that are both light, powerful, and reasonably priced. So in order to get up into the trails with electric power, most people choose to equip a regular mountain bike with an electric motor kit.

Convert any mountain bike into an electric mountain bike

Here at NYCeWheels, we took this idea a step further by converting a folding mountain bike. We installed a BionX PL-350 electric motor kit on a Dahon Matrix folding mountain bike with spectacular results. Our electric mountain bike, which we dubbed the Dahon Matrix BionX electric bike, is a full-sized, full suspension mountain bike that can fly down the trail at 20 mph without even pedaling! Believe me, it's every bit as fun as it sounds. If you already have a nice mountain bike and are looking for a new way to enjoy the trails, an electric motor kit is definitely the way to go.

A mountain electric bike puts you back in the saddle

Mountain electric bikes are also great for riders with physical problem that keep them from riding a normal mountain bike. There are many avid mountain bikers who slow down as they get older, especially if knee and other joint problems make it difficult for them to enjoy their favorite pass time. A mountain electric bike can put the power back in your legs and get you back on the trail. Getting older doesn't have to mean losing all your favorite activities and staying inside all day!

Electric mountain bicycles don't have to be expensive

There are some electric mountain bicycles out there that cost in the range of $13,000! Sure, there are people that can afford that, but for the rest of us, something in the $1,200-$2,000 range is more reasonable. There are out of the box electric mountain bikes available in this price range, but to get the most value for your money, converting a regular mountain bike is the best way to go. Think of it like this: if you buy an out of the box electric mountain bike, you're paying for a pretty good bike, and a pretty good motor. This is okay if you don't plan on riding too hard or keeping the bike for long, but if you want something you can rely upon for years of service, you should consider other options.

The best way to do it is by finding a good quality mountain bike and converting it with a BionX kit. That way your electric mountain bike will have a solid frame from a reputable builder, and the best in electric motor kit technology. And of course, in that case you could choose a frame that fit you perfectly, the best way to ensure an enjoyable ride.

Electric mountain bikes get you to the top

If you've been trying to find the perfect electric mountain bike to go on long trail rides and heavy off road riding, you should seriously consider electric motor kits. We have great selection of electric bike conversion kits that will have you tearing up the trails in no time. Don't let anything stop you from getting out there and enjoying the thrill of mountain biking. Check out some of our electric motor kits today.