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Electric mountain bike

This is a review of the discontinued Currie Hi Torque motor system. For the new Electric Motor Kit by Currie Technologies, check out the following websites:

Currie Electro Drive Motor Kit

Currie I-Zip Electric Bicycle

The electric mountain bike by Currie is in and it looks sweet! The new 400 watt Hi Torque motor propels the bike to 18mph in 8 seconds. Simply hop on this beautifully designed mountain bike, hit the throttle and go! Travels 10-15 miles on a charge. The batteries are mounted within the frame, leaving ample space for a range extender on the rear rack. What does this mean? It means if you buy the range extender battery pack you can cruise along for up to 20-30 miles without pedaling at all! Most people tend to pedal, though, because it is especially easy on this bike. It is good to save the battery power up for hill climbing and strong head winds.

The Currie electric mountain bike comes with a Micro Shift 21 speed twist shifter system. This makes it an awesome hill climber with or with out the motor. The Currie electric mountain bike has always been one of our best sellers. People like the power and you really can't beat the price. It is the best bike out there in its price range.

Many of our customers who purchased E Rides use them on a daily basis to get to and from work and around the city. There is one guy in particular, a personal trainer, who rides all over the city to clients on his e ride. As a trainer he has to carry a bag of exercise equipment, including free weights, around with him and he has no range issues whatsoever. Another guy rides around the city for leisure nearly every day and I mean around the whole city on the great bike paths available all the way down the west side and almost the whole way up the east side - and get this - he brings his little dog with him in a rear basket! I've even seen him recharging on the sidewalk with an extension chord dropped out of his third story apartment window!

Our customers love their e-rides! And you probably will too - stop in for a test drive today if you live in the NYC area - or call us for more details!