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electric skateboard

The electric skateboard, model Exkate Powerboard X-24 was what Bert (the shop owner) rode to work every day for a good period of time. He lived on 87th street and the shop is located on 84th street. Going straight to work would take him about 4 minutes on the electric skateboard, but his rides would usually last up to half an hour due to some extra venturing. According to Bert "after 2-3 blocks towards the shop I tell myself one more block... one more block... one more block... just one more block. I usually turn around and head back towards the shop after completing the lower loop in Central Park. Most days I traded my lunch break for a ride on my electric skateboard."

The Exkate electric skateboard is not for the faint of heart: the one horsepower motor propels your electric skateboard to 16-18mph in under 4 seconds; it will reach a top speed of 22mph on flat ground, and will climb hills at good speeds as well. The electronic brake will bring your electric skateboard to a stop in about 20 feet, which is important in New York City or any area that features traffic. Bert weighed between 185-190lbs and he gets a solid 10 miles on a charge, including the stopping and starting associated with riding, to give you a point of reference.

The Exkate electric skateboard will recharge in about 3 hours if you've run it all the way down. Bert: "On Sundays I'd usually carve around the park and end up on the West Side for brunch. I'd make it a habit to bring my charger with me on weekends - so the electric skateboard was always plugged in while brunching. After brunch I'd head towards the Lower East Side to visit some old friends for a few hours and head back uptown - 80 blocks nonstop NYC pothole slalom an a electric skateboard : )" Please forgive Bert's use of an emoticon.

If you like skateboards, roller blades, snowboarding or anything that involves speed, balance, and adrenaline the Exkate electric skateboard is for you. (We wouldn't recommend these for children however.)