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Electric powered trikes

A tricycle is an excellent option for someone looking for an efficient, easy ride that offers a great deal of stability. An electric tricycle is an even better option. Electric trikes can be employed for a wide variety of purposes and uses.

Some people look towards electric trikes for increased mobility. Where a bike might be too hard for them to mount, and when balance is an issue, electric trikes provide easy boarding, comfortable seating, and maximum stability. In addition, electric trikes allow for three modes of riding: you can pedal the trike and get some exercise, pull back on the throttle and have the electric motor do all of the work for you, or pedal in conjunction with the electric assistance, providing very light exercise and extending your battery range. These are all essential features if you're looking to get around as easily as possible and want several modes of riding open to you.

Electric trikes are also perfect for transporting loads. They come equipped with large rear baskets and their excellent stability makes them ideal for picking up groceries and shopping in general. If you're planning on doing a lot of stop-and-go riding, they are particularly ideal in that regard.

Having mentioned their great stability several times already (clearly we're impressed), it should also be noted that electric trikes are built for safety. A lot of thought has gone into making them as safe and stable as possible. They feature cut-off speeds, preventing the trikes from providing you with electric assistance over 12 mph. This ensures that all degrees of turns can be made without compromising stability and safety in the least.

It is also noteworthy that these electric trikes don't appear to be motorized at first glance. To a passerby, it will appear to be a regular trike. The motors are silent, and if you're pedaling as you use the throttle, no one will even know that you're getting electric assistance.

The Gomier Electric Trike is a very affordable model of electric trike. The eZee Carro is the top-of-the-line model of electric trike, featuring front and rear hand brakes, two battery options (either a Nickel Metal Hydride battery or a Lithium Ion battery), a light weight, and great compactness for complete maneuverability and portability.