'Eletric' bicycle: we wouldn't let a typo keep us apart NYCeWheels.com

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'Eletric' bicycle: we wouldn't let a typo keep us apart

You will find the term electric bicycle misspelled as eletric bicycle throughout this article. "Why would you voluntarily insert a misspelled word throughout an article on your website?," some might ask. In all honesty, we found that a large number of people performing searches on our products (as with anything), often fell victim to typos. 'Eletric' was the most common of these typos, and we didn't want to leave such a large group of people out in the cold. So, to all of you out there looking for electric bikes with too little time on your hands to check your spelling, this article is for you!

The eletric bicycle is the transportation of the future - available today. An eletric bicycle can replace your 2nd or 3rd car, in some cases even your only car. Your eletric bicycle can easily become your primary mode of transportation. Our customers use their eletric bicycles to go to work on a daily basis, take them to the tennis courts, to go for a joy ride around town, or to go shopping at the local Walmart. Your eletric bicycle can really be used on most of your trips, either as efficiently or more efficiently than your car.

Make a list of ways in which you use your car. We bet you don't go more than 8 miles 8 out of the 10 times that you take it out and that you often don't have to haul anything but your cell phone and maybe a shopping basket worth of extra stuff (which you can now afford because you leave your car in the garage and save all of that gas money.)

The new generation of eletric bicycle is increasingly affordable, priced from $1,000 to $1,700 (which is an excellent bargain for such a reliable piece of machinery.) We carry eletric bicycles from many high quality manufacturers, including Giant and eZee.

We select our eletric bicycle manufacturers very carefuly and perform plenty of real life testing right here in New York City, the pothole capital of the world. If they can make it here they can make it anywhere, so the saying goes. We make sure we have access to and stock all required parts needed for repairs. An eletric bicycle is a fairly simple machine, 95% of its maintenance is standard bicycle maintenance and the rest is pretty much bullet proof. Electric motors are about 100 times simpler than gas powered motors and require zero maintenance.

Don't hesitate any longer, get yourself an eletric bicycle here: 'Eletric' bicycles