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Exploring the IF Mode folding bike

The IF Mode is probably the most beautiful folding bike we've ever had in our shop. With the looks and style of work of modern sculpture this folding bike is almost too beautiful to ride. You could easily mount this bike, folded or unfolded, to a museum wall and draw enraptured crowds. Yep, the IF Mode is quite the looker.

One of the IF Mode's most striking features is the mono-fork design incorporated into both the front and rear wheel. The front wheel seems held in place by some great marble sword while the rear is mounted to a totally sealed drive train. Ah yes... Another cool bit of IF Mode folding bike design.

IF Mode folding bike is designed by masters

The IF Mode's designers knew you didn't want to bother with gears, chains, grease, and other troublesome moving parts. That's why they sealed them tightly inside an elegant casing. Riding the IF Mode folding bike you can almost forget that bicycles ever ran on chains and gears. The whole experience is one seamless joy ride where the only problem is keeping your eyes off the bike long enough to focus on where you're going.

Riding the IF Mode is all about the pleasure of cruising in style. People recognize a unique and distinctive bicycle when they see one. I got more gasps and stares riding this folding bike during my IF Mode review than any other.

Then when you fold the IF Mode... Wow!

The IF Mode has one of the most impressive folding designs ever. The uniquely fluid and unhindered way in which the IF Mode collapses is breathtaking the first time. And the second time. And every time after that too...

I don't think I'll ever tire of this gorgeous folding bike. Once you've folded and unfolded it you're hooked. Let the IF Mode take you to your next destination in style and distinction. There is no better folding bike for the job. Take a look at the IF Mode folding bicycle today.