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eZee bike electric bikes

eZee bike electric bikes are no longer available in the United States. We have preserved our original selection for reference purposes, but none of the items below can be ordered. Check out our selections of electric bikes and electric conversion kits to see all of our exciting new products!

eZee Quando

The eZee Quando is an electric folding bike, meaning you get the best of both worlds: electric assistance and the ability to easily fold the frame down to a more compact size for storage and transport. This model is popular among people living in smaller apartments and boat owners. Simple and practical, a great option. Works well with shorter riders yet compatible with even the very tall.

eZee Chopper

The eZee Chopper is a compact electric bike. The combination of the 350W motor with the 20" wheels makes for excellent torque. Combine that with a step-through frame and you have a bike that is easy to mount and suitable for riders of all heights. If you want something easy to store, easy to mount, and with great hill-climbing ability, look no further.

eZee Liv

The eZee Liv is simple and affordable. If you don't need any bells and whistles and just want the basics, this is your bike. Effective and reliable, a great bike for commuting in areas without too many steep hills.

eZee Sprint GTS

The eZee Sprint GTS is the classic Sprint model with a straight top tube in the frame. An attractive design and a simple interface with a good amount of power. Suitable for all types of riding. Offers a 'sportier' riding position.

eZee Sprint LDS

The eZee Sprint LDS is the classic Sprint model with a step-through frame for easy mounting. An attractive design and a simple interface with a good amount of power. Suitable for all types of riding, albeit designed a bit more for comfort than the GTS version of the Sprint.

eZee Torq II

The eZee Torq is the bike rider's electric bike. The Torq is the lightest full-size eZee bike, made to go far and fast. A great bike to cover a lot of ground on the weekend or to commute 30 miles to work. This is the model that gets ridden thousands of miles every time there's an electric bike tour like the one along the Mississippi a few years back, in Australia, China, and most recently Africa.

eZee Cadence

The eZee Cadence is a comfort model through and through. Fully loaded with fat balloon tires and a wide plush seat. The beach cruiser style handlebar lets you sit completely upright as you ride. Stylish and a complete joy to ride.

eZee Forza

The eZee Forza is a high-performance electric bike. With a sleek, black design and top-of-the-line parts throughout, this model is sure to impress. Much like the Torq, the eZee Forza is meant for true fans of cycling.

eZee Carro

The eZee Carro is the premiere electric tricycle. The eZee Carro is a simple, sturdy electric trike with plenty of torque for climbing hills and lugging around loads. With a rear basket included, you can cart around your groceries and parcels with ease. Unlike other electric trikes, the Carro is much lighter and significantly more portable. A comfortable ride throughout.

eZee Electric Bike Kit

Already have the bike of your dreams and want to make it electric- eZee has an option for you too! The eZee electric bike kit lets you convert a standard bike with the eZee electric bike features. You can twist the throttle for pure electric assistance, ride in conjunction with the electric assistance, or just ride like normal.

The complete line of eZee bike electric bikes is available here in our shop on the Upper East Side of New York City. Stop by and test-drive the eZee Quando, eZee Chopper, eZee Liv, eZee Sprint, eZee Torq, eZee Forza, and eZee Cadence. Come in and then drive home your brand new eZee electric bike. Shipping is also available for those of you that are out of state.