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eZee electric bike in Africa

eZee Katima to Cape Ride  

Monday, January 26th, 2009 to Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Rupert Nanni (an environmentalist, trail guide, and cyclist) and Wai Won Ching, founder of eZee electric bikes will be riding the eZee Torq across Africa.

The eZee Katima to Cape Ride will highlight traffic congestion and promote electric bikes as a fun and fast way to get around. It is well documented that human activities such as fossil fuel derived transport are significantly influencing the Earth's environment. The eZee Katima to Cape Ride will show that electric bikes provide reliable, efficient, low cost transport, perfectly suited to the urban environment.

Starting in the Namibian town of Katima Mulilo, the two riders will cross the Caprivi Strip before turning south at Rundu, and heading towards Windhoek. From here the route descends the central plateau into the Namib desert. High summer temperatures, dust and gravel roads will push the riders and bikes to the limit. Passing Sesriem, the riders head for Rosh Pinah and the Orange River, before crossing into South Africa. A straight run through Garies and Clanwilliam will see them finish in Cape Town, 3000km and 14 days later after averaging more than 200km per day.

This isn't the first time the eZee electric bikes have been put to the test so significantly and publicly. There have been several rides in the past, including the length of the Mississippi River, across Australia, and even across the Silk Route in China (the latter also undertaken by Ching himself.)

With the ride already underway, you can track their progress here:

eZee Katima to Cape Ride progress

The ride is complete! For details and the complete story, you can read more here: eZee electric bike ride from Katima to Cape Town.

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