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eZee Bike electric bikes

eZee bike electric bikes have been around for a while in Europe but have just recently been introduced in the US. All eZee bike models we import come with Lithium-Polymer battery packs and chargers, the best in the industry.

Lighter battery packs have many advantages including, better handling, more range and better portability. The eZee bike batteries also have many more charge cycles than standard Lead Acid batteries.

New generation electric bikes like the eZee bike are here to stay. Technology advancements finally provide plenty of range, great reliability and maintenance-free electric drive systems.

A group of the country's leading electric bike dealers has been selected to support and service the eZee bike. These dealers decided that the best experience can only be insured if bikes are shipped to your neighborhood bike shop for final assembly and adjusted to fit your needs.

Your eZee bike dealer will locate the proper bike shop for and assist them if needed. All you have to do is pick up your new electric bike once we notify you. This bike shop will also service your eZee bike down the road. All eZee bike dealers stock replacement parts that can be shipped to your shop.

Currently available eZee bikes include the Sprint, Torq, Forza, Chopper, Cadence and the Quando:

  • The eZee Sprint fits the broadest range of riders. A low step through, low center of gravity and simple controls make the eZee bike Sprint a great all around electric bike.

  • The eZee Torq is a Euro type electric road bike with fast 700c wheels and a powerful hub-motor with an amazing efficiency. The Torq eZee bike is made to go faster and farther.

  • The Cadence by eZee bike is a very comfortable beach cruiser with triple crown suspension fork, very comfortable wide seat and balloon tires. The eZee Cadence is smooth as silk and a real stunning looking bike.

  • The best eZee bike in our store is the eZee Forza. Similar to the Torq, this is a sporty bike with disc brakes and 9 speeds. It's got a powerful motor for hill climbing and can handle the roughest riding out of all the eZee bike models. This is such a durable electric bike that we actually build a special version for our delivery guys here in New York City. It's practically bomb-proof.

  • The eZee Chopper rides on 20" wheels, and has an easy step-through frame for shorter riders. It still packs quite a punch, as its 350-watt motor matches the Torq in terms of power. A compact bike, the Chopper is one of the besteZee Bike models for easy storage.

  • Last but not least is the eZee bike Quando. Folding bikes need to be as light as possible and adding an electric drive system usually adds a good 20 - 35 lbs or more (BionX offers a very light 17 lbs conversion kit) The eZee Quando on the other hand uses very light battery packs and a simple single speed setup. No electric folding bike can match the Torq and range of that little eZee bike Quando.

Please stop by our shop on the Upper East Side in Manhattan and test drive an eZee bike electric bike.