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eZee Forza Electric Bike - Style and Power Combined

This electric bike has the best of everything: hydraulic disc brakes, front and seat post suspension, and a plush seat. That all adds up to one very comfy ride with great handling and plenty of stopping power. Its sleek black finish and streamlined diamond frame exude speed and confidence and with a 350 watt brushless motor the eZee Forza electric bike is more than just talk. With a semi-sporty riding position and low top tube frame this bicycle with electric motor can fit just about anyone.

A pedal activated electric bike with a regular bike feel

The eZee Forza electric bike is pedal activated. That simply means that when you spin the pedals the motor engages. There are a few big advantages to pedal activated electric bikes over throttle electric bikes:

  • Longer range: Because you have to pedal for the motor to run the eZee Forza electric bike combines your pedaling force with the motor force. This reduces the drain on the battery and results in an increased range and better performance.
  • Ease of operation: It doesn't get any easier than the eZee Forza. Just push the pedals and go. Both hands are free and you can focus on enjoying the ride, not on controlling your speed.
  • Exercise: The eZee Forza electric bike is more of a bicycle than a motorcycle. Instead of scooting around in a throttle electric bike you get to put in some of the effort. Riding a pedal activated electric bike is a great way to get some light exercise. Read more about electric bike exercise.

eZee Forza electric bike has the power when you need it

A 350 Watt brushless electric motor and high quality Lithium Ion battery make the eZee Forza electric bike a serious contender. Boasting a 22 mph top speed and a 20 mile range this is one electric bike that will get the job done. A 350 watt motor gives you ample torque for hills and with 8 speeds you've got plenty of gears for any situation. The eZee Forza electric bike comes well equipped to get you from A to B no matter what's in between.

A safe and practical electric bike too

The eZee Forza electric bike comes with battery powered front and rear lights to make sure you're always visible on the road. It also has fenders to keep you clean and dry and a rear rack for all your cargo carrying needs. Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes ensure that you can stop on a dime in any weather.

When it comes down to it, the eZee Forza electric bike is one of our top electric bikes. You get the best of everything: long range, easy operation, speed and power, and lots of style. If you're looking for an electric bike with all the best features take a look at the the eZee Forza electric bike. Or if you just want someone to pick out the perfect electric bike for you, try our electric bike selector.