Fastest Electric Bikes

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Fastest Electric Bikes

eFlow Nitro electric bike Do you have a need for speed? There are numerous reasons customers check out NYCeWheels for fast bikes. Maybe you want something that shortens your commute to work. Maybe you find that a faster ride makes you feel safer on the road. Or maybe you just like the thrill of quick speeds. Whatever the reason, we've got a fast electric bike that's perfect for you. Read on to learn more about some of our fastest electric bike models.

Currie eFlow Nitro

Boasting a custom-built, powerful 500W motor, it's clear where this electric bike gets its speed. In addition to traveling up to 23 mph (and 20 mph on the motor alone), this bike easily handles hills and other challenging spots on your ride. An easy-to-read display makes it easy to see what speeds you're reaching. Twenty gears are included, so you can customize the ride based on your terrain. Plus, this model is one of the best fast bikes for longer rides; the large-capacity 36V 10.7Ah Lithium-ion battery pack lets you travel long distances on a single charge.

Haibike Superrace Electric Bike

Haibike Xduro Superrace

A combination of a great motor and a lighter overall weight makes this bike another contender for fast rides. Powered by the Busch center-drive performance system, the Haibike Xduro Superrace can reach speeds up of up to 28 mph. This efficient motor and battery combination also gets riders as far as 35 miles on a single charge with normal peddling. The weight of 39.5 pounds helps to make this a swift ride while also making it easier to haul as needed. This model also features disc brakes, an increasingly common feature on high-end road bikes due the fact that they make it easier to corner and descend with confidence in your traction and stopping power.

Stromer ST1

With the Stromer ST1, you get two options to customize your riding experience. Those who want a rugged mountain bike can choose the Elite model, which has a top speed of 20 mph. But for a faster, sleeker ride, go with the Platinum model with a top speed of 27 mph. This is a 27-speed bike equipped with a 14.5 Ah Lithium battery for a maximum range of up to 45 miles with pedaling. It also has a very sporty feel, even when you go with the Platinum road bike model.

A2B Shima electric bike

A2B Shima

For fast speeds combined with a durable body design, the A2B Shima is an excellent choice. This bike can reach speeds up to 28 mph, and it includes both throttle- and pedal-assist modes. The puncture-resistant Kendra Krusader tires also reduce your worries about the terrain and ensure you don't waste time or money fixing your tire's inner tubes regularly. The 17 Ah battery lets you go up to 37.2 miles. It's also important to note that this model has a particularly sleek, clean design because all of the cables are routed internally.

Get the best of both worlds by choosing any of these fast electric bikes from NYCeWheels. With the efficiency of an electric motor combined with fast speeds, you'll take your cycling hobby to a whole new level.

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