Fold-up bikes are serious forms of transportation. A fold-up bike has countless applications.

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Fold-up bikes are serious forms of transportation. A fold-up bike has countless applications.

A fold-up bike is all you need

As the presence of fold-up bikes continues to grow in the market, more and more people are finding their methods of commuting completely transformed for the better. There are a wide variety of fold-up bikes out there, many with unique traits. Some fold-up bicycles are meant to fold strictly for storage, while other fold-up bicycles are meant to fold compact enough to be taken anywhere. Some fold-up bikes will fit you like a full-sized bike (such as the Reach), while others (such as the Brompton folding bikes) have slightly smaller dimensions.

Over the years, we have heard some of the uninitiated scoff at these more compact fold-up bikes. In their eyes, a fold-up bike was nothing more than a child's toy. But do you hear children on the floors of your local bike shop kicking and screaming "fold-up bike, fold-up bike, fold-up bike"? No, you do not. Children are not interested in fold-up bikes. Fold-up bikes are strictly an adult affair. Until you've taken a fold-up bicycle for a ride and tried one out over the course of a day, you won't understand just how practical and useful they are.

Congested metropolitan areas like New York and California are ideal for fold-up bicycles, but then again so is any area in which space is an issue.

Fold-up bikes cover all ranges and styles

Brompton fold-up bikes are the most compact and can be taken virtually anywhere.
Dahon fold-up bikes offer a huge variety of models for all kinds of purposes, many of which are extremely affordable, and easily convertible to electric folding bikes.
Both the Xootr Swift folder and the Reach fold-up bicycles offer full-size dimensions, and the Reach models come built with full suspension.
The Strida folding bike offers a unique alternative, and allows you to roll the bike on its wheels when in a folded position.

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Note: Yes, that is a picture of a young Winona Ryder on a vintage Dahon folding bike on the set of 'Beetlejuice.'