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Folding Bike Addiction Revealed

In a shocking special report top doctors have discovered a pattern of addiction in folding bikers. The daring investigation reveals what the fat cats of big bicycle have been trying to hide for years, people who buy folding bikes become compulsive bike riders. Disturbing news to be sure.

What could be the cause of this folding bike addiction. Is it societal? Is it hereditary? The truth is as yet unclear. One this is for certain, if you don't want a bike that will get you excited about going out for a ride, stay away from folding bikes. The evidence is clear, once you start folding you have a 99% chance of falling prey to compulsive folding biker syndrome.

We suspected folding bike addiction was real all along...

I have to say I've seen this one coming. Here at the shop we all riding folding bikes to work and people who leave with a new folder soon return to tell us how much they are enjoying their new bike. I have my own theory about the addiction, but don't let this get around too much. It might get me in trouble if I share inside information...

I think the folding bike addiction is a result of a transformative magic released every time a folding bike is folded and unfolded. I've seen it many times in the past few months. A person walks in looking inquisitive and a bit unsure whether or not they want a folding bike, their brow knit and their hands clasped in focused concentration. This apprehensive mood continues until I can demonstrate one of our folding bikes. The change in attitude is stark to say the least.

Folding bike addicts in the making

The outward signs of tension drop away as I begin to fold it. The eyes soften and the shoulders relax. By the time the folding bike is in its most compact state most people have entered a relaxed start of curiosity. "That's pretty cool," is what they usually say. Then I begin to swing the bike back into its functional form, opening the frame, stretching up the seat and swinging the handlebars lightly into place. By the time our folding bike has come to rest on its kick stand the onlookers have entered a state of tranquil happiness. This is what they were looking for, So practical, so neat, so contained.

It is this transformative process, the way a folding bike has of overcoming the limitations of size and portability, that addicts people to them. After all, why don't people ride bikes? Because they are big cumbersome objects that are difficult to get down stairs and lock up safely. With the magic of a folding bike you can have a sweet bicycle that eliminates all worries. It doesn't matter whether it's a Brompton folding bike or a Strida or the IF Mode, of course people are getting addicted to that.

The truth about folding bike addiction

Scientists are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause of the addiction so a treatment can be found, but I think we all know the truth. Addiction to folding bikes is perfectly health? and understandable, It doesn't need to be treated, in fact it should be encouraged! That's why NYCeWheels is spreading the word about folding bike addiction.

End the silence! Bring your need for folding bikes into the light! Take a look at some of our very transformative folding bicycles and embrace the folding bike addict inside.

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