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Folding bike news archives

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New Navigator Full Size Folding Bike Review!

If you want a full size folding bicycle that's designed for everyday use, has a strong folding bike frames on the market, and can be easily tuned to fit you perfectly, the Montague Navigator is the right bike for you. This full size collapsible bike comes with 27 speeds, a rack built in, and removable fenders. It's great for leisure rides or commuting.

If you live in and around New York City can come test ride a Montague full size folding bicycle in person. If you're not local we recommend watching our Navigator video review to get an inside look at how this folding bicycle operates.

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New Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike Video Review!

Considering a folding mountain bike as a gift for the holidays? The Montague Paratrooper is one you don't want to ignore. With it's full size frame and wheels this folding bicycle rides just like a regular bicycle. It's right at home on dirt trails, streets with pot holes, board walks, or just cruising the neighborhood.

If you're in New York City you can come by our shop to test ride the Montague Paratrooper in person. If not you should definitely watch our Paratrooper video review to get an inside look at how this folding bicycle operates.

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Revamped Pacific Cycles Folding Bike Section

Now that we're carrying the IF Reach folding bike we figured it was about time to clean up our Pacific Cycles folding bike section. This includes such great bicycles as the IF Mode and Strida LT.

If you haven't already checked it out I would definitely suggest taking a moment to look at our Pacific Cycles bikes page for more information on this great folding bicycle manufacturer and the innovative products they offer!

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New Folding Bike from Pacfic Cycles: IF Reach!

It's amazing what a company like Pacific Cycles can come up with! Their folding bike the IF Reach has the ride of a road bike with the fold of a folding bike.

We just started carrying a limited supply of IF Reach folding bicycles in a beautiful white finish. If you've been searching for a folding bicycle that is both fast and compact you need to check out the IF Reach!