Folding Bike Travel Guide

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Folding Bike Travel Guide

Folding Bike on the train

Whether you're an every-day commuter, or a vacationer on a boat, there's no doubt that a folding bike makes life easier between long trips. As more people spend their time traveling, they need a reliable bike that is both portable and convenient. Folding bike travel is perfect for a mobile lifestyle.

"Where can I get a folding bike like that?"

I hear this almost every time I travel with my folding bike. This time, it was a bus driver on a trip from New York City to Pennsylvania. As other commuters stowed their luggage under the bus, I handed the driver my folding bicycle, no bigger than a small suitcase. For someone working on the road, like a bus driver, folding bike travel is the best way to get around a city. Between bus trips, he can get around the city without worrying about the subway or street traffic. He no longer has to spend money on taxis or rental cars. Besides, you see much more of a city during folding bike travel than in a car or train anyway. With all of the new bike lanes being constructed all over the country, a folding bicycle is a viable and safe alternative to public transportation.

Folding Bike Travel and Boats

Of course, bus drivers aren't the only nomads that could benefit from owning a folding bike. Many people with personal boats or yachts will stow folding bikes in their cabin and ride them around their destination once they drop anchor. A seaside town like Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or Myrtle Beach, North Carolina are great places for folding bike travel. Sail into port, drop anchor, and ride down the beautiful boardwalk. Along the beach, there are very few cars and wide bike paths that look out over the ocean.

Park 'N Ride

Maybe you're not a beach person. That's okay too. One of my favorite vacations is a long-distance trip in an RV, checking out all of the national landmarks. What better way to see the Grand Canyon than from atop a folding bike? Park your RV, pull out the folding bikes, and take in the magnificent view as you ride along the ridge. How about Yellowstone National Park, or the Redwood forest? Sightseeing is much more interesting when you're not separated by a pane of glass. Folding bike travel allows you to smell, breathe, and feel the landscape, as well as see it.

Life In The Fast Lane

Or maybe you're one of the few people in the world (like Bert) who works constantly. Maybe you run a business, and you spend most of your time on an airplane, going from destination to destination, constantly on the go. It's a busy life, and you don't have time to sight-see. Well, what if I told you a folding bike could help you too? Imagine a delayed flight to Austin, Texas. You have a really important meeting to get to, but traffic is backed up for miles and you have people waiting for you. Sound familiar? How often are you on the phone, en route in a taxi, apologizing for events that are out of your control? With airline-proof cases, a folding bicycle can save you time, and potentially respect, as you avoid jammed roads and nonexistent parking spaces.

Today, more than ever before, people are able to travel constantly and still keep up with work through teleconferencing and wireless internet access. It's as easy to live life on the road or in the air as it is to settle in one place. A portable lifestyle requires portable possessions, and a folding bike is the most compact bicycle out there.

Don't let planes, trains, or automobiles keep you from cycling - order a compact folding bike today!