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Folding Bikes In New York City

Folding bikes have been coming up in the world these past years. I seem to see more of them on New York's greenways daily. I think this is a result of two major changes over the years: one in the city itself and the other in folding bikes themselves.

It was not so long ago that taking a ride through the streets of Manhattan was tantamount to stepping out into mid day traffic under a green light. Regular commuter bicycles, let alone folding commuter bikes, were few and far between. In these days bicycle commuting was the realm of the dare devil, the fearless bicycle warrior of total self sufficiency and iron will. Folding bikes were not really as prevalent as they are now and while most cyclists were force to tempt fate by locking their steeds to parking meters, mailboxes, and other makeshift bike racks folding bike commuters quietly smiled as they slipped their transport right inside and under their desks. The little known secret of folding commuter bikes had yet to explode as it has in the last few years.

Open arms for folding bikes in New York City

But all that has changed now. The city has nearly turned it's policies on traffic and bicycles upside down, making commuting by folding bicycle and by regular bicycle much leas daunting. And not only that, folding bikes themselves have emerged into the first years of what will be their golden age. Free from initial restrictions of weight and strength, modern folding bikes are incredible machines, allowing everyday people to affordable own and ride folding commuter bikes.

These changes in both New York City policy and folding bikes have brought folding bikes to our streets in record numbers, numbers which are growing by the day. In fact it sometimes seems as if I see more folding bikes on our greenways and bike paths than regular bikes.

One of the most common brands I see is the Dahon folding bike. These folding bikes are sleek and stylish. Coming in a variety of colors and frame designs there seems to be a folding bike suited for any taste. But Dahons are not the only folding bikes I see in New York City. There is one other brand that I've seen around which is on quite another level.

Brompton folding bikes fit New York City life

Brompton folding bikes have been quickly gaining ground in our city of tight spaces. Their amazing design allows them to quickly collapse down to the size of a suit case, making them infinitely portable and easy to handle. These top of the line folding bikes are made in England and come with a guarantee of quality that is tough to match. It's really no wonder this particular folding bike is catching on so readily here, New York City is the perfect place for such a folding bike. That's why so many people Brompton bike NYC.

I can foresee only continued growth in the future for folding bikes, and for expanded bicycle use in New York City too. The place and the product go together too well to make it a passing fancy. I think that the more folding bikes are out there an the more the city adapts to it's new breed of folding bike commuter, the more people will see their way onto our bike paths on folding bikes.

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