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A brief history of Giant electric bicycles

As time has progressed, more and more of our inventory has come to consist of Giant electric bikes. This can be attributed to two major reasons: 1) Giant electric bikes are very popular, and 2) We are very happy with Giant as a company. Giant has been extremely reliable, and their products have withstood the test of time again and again.

Giant electric bicycles are high quality and are designed with a great deal of care. Once purchased, the owner of a Giant electric bike has to do very little to maintain the bike outside of your standard bike maintenance; the batteries need to be recharged, but the other electrical components rarely require any input, if any attention is even needed at all. In addition, Giant is a well established company; they've been around for a long time and they'll be around for a long time, guaranteeing continued excellent customer support.

Giant electric assisted bikes have been around for some time now, and Giant has released several different models of electric bikes, including the Giant LaFree Sport, the Giant Revive Spirit, the Giant Lite, the Giant Suede E, and the Giant Twist.

The Giant LaFree Sport Electric Bike

Also written as 'LA Free Sport,' quite possibly due to its California origins, was an earlier model of electric bike produced by Giant (it is now discontinued). It featured pedal assist and ran on lead acid batteries. Even though they haven't been on the market for some time, we still have customers that bring them by the shop running as smoothly as the day they bought them: a testament to Giant's products. Everything that the LaFree Sport was went on to evolve into the Giant Lite.

The Giant Lite Electric Bike

Also known as the 'LaFree Lite,' is the new generation of the LaFree electric bikes. Its pedal assist was more effective, it was much lighter in weight, and it featured a more advanced Nickel Metal Hydride battery. The Giant Lite maintained the title of "lightest electric bike on the market" until the production of folding electric bikes. If your sole interest was pedal assist, the Giant Lite was the way to go. For more information about the Giant Lite, click here: Giant Lite!

The Giant Suede E Electric Bike

Was a more recent addition to Giant's line-up of electric bikes, and as such you still see plenty of them on the road. It features both pedal assist and a throttle. In comparison to the Lite, it's a bit heavier (56 pounds as opposed to 48), and comes standard with mudguards and a rear rack. Whereas the Lite has 5 speeds, the Suede E has 7. In addition to pedal assist, the Suede E's secondary throttle feature allows for boosts in power and some light, effortless cruising. For more information about the Giant Suede E, click here: Giant Suede E!

The Giant Twist Freedom Electric Bike

Is the newest addition to the world of electric bikes. The Giant Twist embodies some of the best features of the Giant Lite and the Giant Suede E, years of user feedback and market research, and other new innovative improvements and cutting edge technology. Much like the Giant Lite, the Twist works with pedal assistance. You can set it to three very effective modes of assistance while enjoying an incredibly comfortable, easy ride. And the best part yet? You have two light-weight, slim batteries to alternate between. When one gets low, simply switch over to the next by means of a switch on the handlebar, allowing for an unprecedented range. 7-speeds, fenders, a rear rack, and pannier bags complete the package. For more information about the Giant Twist (as well as buying options), click here: Giant Twist!