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Go Motorboard Transporter Electric Scooter Review

I have been riding the Go Motorboard Transporter for about 3 weeks so I will summarize my experience with it so far.

I bought my Go Motorboard Transporter on Labor Day weekend (Sept 2). The Go Motorboard is well constructed of Aluminum Alloy and looks very well designed and assembled. It folds in a couple of seconds. The Go Motorboard Transporter is very compact looking and if you kick a few times as you ride most people would not even know that it is motorized. This is important since the law governing electric scooters and where and how you can ride varies from city to city.

The top speed on the Go Motorboard for me (I am 165 lbs) is about 13 mph measured with GPS. I have gone as slow as 12 mph and as fast as 14.5 mph on what appeared to be a flat road. Obviously even the slightest grade will have a large effect on the top speed. I calculated the top speed of the Go Motorboard by GPS by running on the same road in opposite directions and averaging the two speeds (this is how we roughly calculated the 0-60 times when I worked at Ford Motor Co). I must admit that the road was an asphalt parking lot and really rough, a smoother road might have given me a better top speed. The manufacture states that the Go Motorboard's top speed is 15 mph but probably varies somewhat with riders weight.

Ride quality is pretty good for the Go Motorboard with no suspension. The wheels are 4.5 inches in diameter and are made of polyester. On a rough road vibration is hear and felt on the board and handlebars but it is not too bad. The soft foam grips helps a lot it seems. Ground clearance on the Go Motorboard is small due to the small wheels but I haven't had any problems riding on streets and sidewalks. I am careful to go around large speed bumps or at least go over them at an angle like my friends do in their lowered cars.

The acceleration is surprisingly good for such a light and portable vehicle. I will give 0-10 mph time in the future. The top range is given as approximately 15 miles. I haven't tested the actual range since it is very variable due to the terrain. The manufacture states that the Go Motorboard can go up a 10% hill (about 6 degrees). I have been able to climb small inclines in my neighborhood with no problems and for the steeper hills I just kick to help the board.

Its amazing how well the regenerative braking works. It brakes without locking up the wheel using anti-lock technology according to the company. The regenerative braking also charges the batteries. This regenerative braking is important on the Go Motorboard since it is pretty easy to lock up the rear wheel using the manual brake that I only now use for emergencies. Locking up the rear wheel is not good since it puts flat spots on the small wheel. The regenerative braking never lock the rear wheels. The throttle on the Go Motorboard should be thought of as a speed control unit not a throttle. Depending on the throttle position the Go Motorboard will accelerated or brake to maintain that speed.

The Go Motorboard is powered by two motors rated at about 350 watts each. The two motors drive the rear wheel using a bevel gear (cone shaped pinion gear). The smooth bevel gear relies on friction against the side of the wheel. This make the board impossible to ride in the rain or when the road is really wet. Even though this sound like a weak point of the drive system, in the three months of riding the sidewalls of my rear wheel has not degraded. Replacement rear wheels are available from your dealer

The Go Motorboard Transporter uses a sealed glass mat lead acid battery with very slow self discharge. So the board should be ridable even after months of just sitting around. NiMH batteries usually self discharge very quickly (useless after a month). But for people that ride their board a lot and recharge everyday this probable isn't important. The NiMH battery would lighten the board. I spoke to the engineer at the company and he said that they decided to use the sealed AGM battery because the AGM lead acid battery can take a lot of abuse. The battery recharges in about 2-3 hours depending on how discharged it was.

Thomas, thanks for the great review of the Go Motorboard Transporter.

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