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Gocycle G3

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The Gocycle G3 is the most cutting edge eBike available in the world to date. Gocycle have built... more


Product information "Gocycle G3"
Battery: 300 Wh
Max Range: 40 mi
Speeds: 3
Weight: 36 lbs
Wheel Size: 20
Motor Type: Front Hub
E-Bike Class: 1
The Gocycle G3 is beautiful and clever engineered folding bicycle, designed by MCLaren Car designer Richard Thorpe. It features all essentials of a bike, while it's still lightweight and easy to handle.

The Gocycle G3 is the most cutting edge eBike available in the world to date. Gocycle have built upon the success of the G2 to create an even better foldable electric bike.

Key Features of the Gocycle G3

The Goycle G3 now has a range of 50 miles, 10 miles more than the G2.
It is a foldable eBike, so you can store it under your desk at work and take it on the train
It is one of the lightest production eBikes around at only 16.3kg.
It is the first eBike to include a Daytime Running Light (DRL), improving your visibility on the road, day and night by using the Gocycle Patented Light Pipe Design.
All of the G3's settings can be configured using the new and improved Gocycle Connect App. The App also provides information about your journey, the calories you have burned and the amount of fuel you have saved by using the Gocycle G3 instead of a car.
The Gocycle G3 is available in Matte Black, White and Electric Blue.

How is the Gocycle G3 better than the Gocycle G2?

The G3 has a 10 mile longer range than the G2 provided by its 25% higher capacity Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery and newly designed battery management system, that improves charging and sleep management. The G3 includes a patented Hexlock System that locks the wheels in place with a single click. The G3 includes a Daytime Running Light that makes riders more visible on the road and better integrated lights. Ergonomic Grips with integrated two way rotary shifter for easier power shifting and DRL control. New and improved brakes levers and dashboard display.

The Gocycle Proprietary Motor Gear drive and new Gocycle Connect App

The Gocycle G3 has two different power systems. It provides pedal assistance to the rider as they pedal, making it easier to zip about town without breaking a sweat, but also a throttle that can be toggled into action using the Gocycle Connect App. All of the settings of the Gocycle G3 can be controlled and modified using a new 4.0 version of the Gocycle Connect App that features an improved interface and more in depth journey information including the amount of petrol the rider has saved by cycling, their average speed and the calories they have burned. When you are riding the bike you can change the level of pedal assistance using the twist controls integrated into the new ergonomic grips.

Joy to own and ride

They say you can’t re-invent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. Gocycle did both.

Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. A talking point wherever it goes.

Bosch electric bike motor drives are heavier than the Gocycle's two wheel drive format and the problem with mid drive electric bike motors is that they don't provide much assistance if you are not in the correct gear. For example, imagine starting your car in 4th or 5th gear, the motor will struggle to provide much electric assistance. The Gocycle direct drive is not related to the gearing, so you always get a good amount of assistance.

In conventional bicycles, central or rear hub drives unbalance the bike, over-burden the transmission, and leave you in the wrong gear. In Gocycle, electric motor powers the front wheel, pedals power the rear.

two wheel Drive

A bespoke front-hub motor separates the powered drive from pedal drive.

Lighter and providing better front/rear weight distribution, this system also provides powerful advantages when the lights go green. Conventional e-bikes use derailleur gears which can leave even experienced cyclists in the wrong gear at the lights.

Not only does Gocycle’s predictive electronic gear shift ensure that you are never in the wrong gear, the front hub drive never can be. Only Gocycle makes sure you always make a clean geta


designed to Fit you

Gocycle provides contact points in exactly the same place as a large-wheel bike – but with more adjustment to fit more riders.

The Vgonomic™-designed seat-post and frame geometry, combined with height and reach adjustable handlebars, provides adaptable fitting with superior comfort levels for a wide range of body types.

Gocycle has an automotive inspired adjustable driving position. Cars come in one size with an adjustable position; so does Gocycle.

Compared to traditional bicycle frame sizes, the Gocycle's frame can fit more people more comfortably because of the Vgonomic frame design which provides reach adjustment, effective top tube adjustment, and a longer wheel base, yet with a shorter and more compact overall length.

1. Step-through profile, 2. Full sized wheelbase, 3. Compact length

The Gocycle Vgonomic frame design means different sized people can ride comfortably together.
The low centre of gravity of the Gocycle design means that handling the product is easy.

Centring the mass of Gocycle makes it easy to handle. Front hub motor and battery contained within the chassis balances weight fore and aft.

agile and Easy to handle

Lightest in class, Gocycle also has perfect fore-aft weight distribution with mass centralised around the bottom bracket. The low centre of gravity makes the bike agile and responsive to ride, and easy to lift and manoeuvre at home.

No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil – no mess. Gocycle can be taken anywhere.

The light weight and balanced design of the Gocycle means that carrying it up stairs is possible and easy.

Clean and easy to live with

Lightest in class, Gocycle also has perfect fore-aft weight distribution with mass centralised around the bottom bracket. The low centre of gravity makes the bike agile and responsive to ride, and easy to lift and manoeuvre at home.

No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil – no mess. Gocycle can be taken anywhere.

The patented Pitstopwheels are side mounted and easy to remove. It make fixing a flat tire simple and fitting the product into your car or folding it down easy.

Quick-detach PitstopWheels®

The clean design of the Gocycle is easy to live.
The portable docking station makes storing and folding up the Gocycle electric bike easy.

versatile, light and Compact

Lightweight (16kg) and stowable, no other e-bike has the versatile dynamics of Gocycle. Portable docking station available as an accessory. Gocycle packs away perfectly for transit or storage where space is tight. Ideal for a boat or motor-home or city living space. The streamlined chassis and PitstopWheels® make cleaning Gocycle fast and easy.


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Daytime running light (DRL)

As of 2011, European law mandates that all automobiles are required to have daytime running lights (DRLs) which substantially increase the visibility of cars to other road users. The Gocycle G3 comes fitted with an automotive inspired DRL employing our proprietary light pipe design and technology.

Daytime Running Lights became mandatory on all European cars in 2012 and the Gocycle G3 is the only production electric bicycle to have a daytime running light using proprietary automotive inspired light-pipe technology like a car.
Riding socially is much more fun on an electric bike because the electric motor with level fitness abilities and you get to see more sites and ride further with the electric assistance.
The Gocycle G3 dash board has F1 inspired LED lights to show your speed, gear, battery level, and efficiency. The ergonomic grips are comfortable and the rotary selectors enable up and down shifting, motor on and off, and also control the DRL.

Streamlined and easy to use

All the information the rider needs is presented in a streamlined, simple dash – battery level, driving mode, speed and gear position.


easy on the Planet

Gocycle uses an environmentally-friendly process called Thixomolding® to create its high-tech, durable,
ultra-lightweight magnesium frame and wheels.

The Thixomolding® process does not produce any ozone depleting SF6 emissions, but will still give the rider the similar weight and structural benfits as carbon fibre.

Magnesium is widely available and much easier to re-cycle than other materials like carbonfibre.

Both the monocoque chassis and the Pitstop-Wheel® are made using a special magnesium moulding process called Thixomolding®. This is a first for any two wheeler.

Gocycle is the only electric bicycle in the world to have an injection moulded magnesium frame and wheels which is more environmentally friendly than die casting and is also recyclable.
Gocycle is lightweight and easy to carry and handle and it folds too which is convenient for boat owners.
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