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GoCycle Portable Docking Station - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Portable Docking Station
Description The Gocycle Docking Station has a clean and moulded deck design for intuitive stowing of the Gocycle. With a stable four caster-wheel base it offers effortless transport. It comes with a durable and protective zip fastened..
GoCycle Fender (Individual) - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Fender (Individual)
Durable with rubber ducktail for increased protection. The mounting brackets allow fine-angle adjustment and quick removable fastening. Fits Gocycle G2, G3 and GS.
From $53.99
GoCycle Lock Holster Kit - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Lock Holster Kit
Description Produced with 5mm hardened steel bars which have an innovative coating to prevent paintwork damage. This Sold Secure Silver rated lock is a great space saving device that stores neatly in the Gocycle Lock Holster. Fits Gocycle..
GoCycle GS - English - Gocycle
GoCycle GS
the GS We have been on a mission to build the best electric bicycle in the world – the all new Gocycle GS! Perfectly designed for commuting, running errands, or just having fun! Don’t put off buying an electric bike any longer. Owning and..
Gocycle G3 - English - Gocycle
Gocycle G3
The Gocycle G3 is the most cutting edge eBike available in the world to date. Gocycle have built upon the success of the G2 to create an even better foldable electric bike. Key Features of the Gocycle G3 The Goycle G3 now has a range of..
GoCycle Front Pannier - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Front Pannier
Bespoke for Gocycle, lightweight and high-tech material front pannier. Multi-directional expanding pockets add useable volume, whilst still keeping the pannier compact when not required. Padded shoulder strap for comfort and convenience...
GoCycle Fast Charger - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Fast Charger
The new Gocycle G3 Lithium Ion 4 Amp Fast Charger reduces the required time for a full recharge to around 3.5 hours. This item is only compatible with the Gocycle G3 Battery!
GoCycle Integrated Light Kit - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Integrated Light Kit
GoCycle Smart Phone Mount (pair) - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Smart Phone Mount (pair)
Description Bespoke for Gocycle. The smart phone mount has been designed to fit a mobile phone in landscape orientation to the Gocycle handlebar. Note: The Smart Phone Mounts have been designed to fit most hand-held devices. However if..
GoCycle Fold Leg - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Fold Leg
Description The fold leg provides support for the Gocycle G3 when folded down so that you can rest it on the floor in an upright position. Fits Gocycle G2, G3 and GS. Gocycle Fold Leg
GoCycle Folding Pedals (Pair) - English - Gocycle
GoCycle Folding Pedals (Pair)
Gocycle G3/GS Kickstand Assembly - English - Gocycle
Gocycle G3/GS Kickstand Assembly
Description Gocycle Kickstand