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Pick Your 'Ped: Goped Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a breed of their own, and when it comes to Gopeds, there are a few different styles to choose from. You've got the heavy-duty Hoverboard with built-in suspension, as well as the compact I-Ped that weighs half as much. Every scooter has different battery options on top of that. Of course, each Goped electric scooter has the same 750-watt motor, and they're all super fun to ride on the city streets. Let's analyze the Goped family.

Goped ESR750: The Original Electric Scooter

The Goped ESR750 has been a favorite among scooterists for quite some time. The wooden deck sits between two air-filled tires, and the strong disc brake on the front wheel has immaculate stopping power for city streets. The handlebar can fold down, so the scooter can be stored in more compact places, and the motor can run on two different speeds: turbo and economy. The entry-level ESR750 runs on four Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, weighs about 65 lbs, and gets about 8-10 miles on a single battery charge. True, it's heavy. You probably won't be carrying this scooter up a flight of stairs. Luckily, they're now making the ESR750 with Lithium batteries. There are three different options for Lithium batteries that range between 15 and 30 miles on a single charge! Even better, the scooter sheds 20 lbs with Lithium batteries. How's that for slimming down?

Goped Hoverboard: Floating on Air

The city is too rough for you, eh? Can't handle the potholes? Maybe the Goped Hoverboard is your best bet. Front and rear suspension add a spring to this board that allow it to glide over craters, manhole covers, and small animals (just kidding! PETA loves electric scooters : ). Like the ESR750, the Hoverboard also has a foldable handlebar, two motor speeds, and air-filled tires. In addition to the front brake, a rear brake can be added to the Hoverboard and the ESR750, to double the stopping power in the city. For the ultimate souped-up electric scooter, get the Hoverboard with a rear brake and Lithium batteries. It will be the most comfortable scooter ride this side of the Hudson river.

Goped I-Ped: A Minimalist's Scooter

Who are we kidding? 40 lbs is entirely too much, even for a Lithium scooter. Can't we get it down to 30? Well, you're in luck. The Goped I-Ped clocks in at 28 lbs and is ALREADY running on Lithium batteries. No upgrades required. The hard rubber wheels don't ever get flats, and when folded down, this electric scooter can easily be carried up stairs, on subways, or in a taxi. True, it may be a little rougher than its larger counterparts, but we'll sacrifice comfort for weight in today's compact world.

The ESR750 and Hoverboard models are also compatible with a plush seat and a hitch for a tow-wagon. Whatever your current form of transportation is for the Big Apple, there's almost a guarantee that it's not as fun as a Goped electric scooter.