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Haibike | Electric Mountain Bikes

If you love zooming down steep trails on your mountain bike but hate pedaling back up those same steep trails, you'll love the selection of Haibike electric mountain bikes at NYCeWheels. These e-mountain bikes will keep the fun in your mountain biking experience while removing much of the toil and pain that goes with the sport.

Featuring a Bosch center-drive electric motor system integrated into the frame, this high-end electric mountain bike is made by Germany's leading mountain bike manufacturer, which teamed up with Currie Technologies to add an electric motor to its lineup of mountain bikes. The result is, well, electrifying. These Haibike electric mountain bikes pack enough power to get you up the steepest trails and to take you just about as far out into the woods as you want to go.

In addition to the famous German quality of manufacturing, you get the convenience of Currie's U.S. product support and know-how. And when you order your Haibike from NYCeWheels, you get this bike tuned up and ready for the road.

More about Haibikes

One of the best things about the Haibike is that although it's extremely powerful, it's also extremely quiet, meaning you won't disturb the beautiful outdoor environments you take it through. NYCeWheels offers a full range of these high-quality bikes, ranging from basic electric mountain bikes to high-end performance mountain bikes and commuter versions. If you have any questions about what these bikes can do for you, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

What puts a Haibike ahead of the competition?

The Bosch Centerdrive Motor on these bikes delivers a silent and yet extremely powerful motor assist to augment your pedaling. By working through the gears of the bike's drivetrain the motor is able to achieve a better distribution of torque throughout all speeds. Because of this heightened efficiency the bicycles are also quite light weight - ranging between just 45 and 50 lbs. Plus, with the motor and battery literally centered in the frame you get a perfectly balanced mountain bike that doesn't compromise handling for electric power.

These bikes are able to ride the same trails as their non-motorized counterparts. Black Diamond? No problem. Although the motor may seem exposed to bashes from rocks, the durable casing and bash guards - along with extra high clearance afforded by the full suspension geometry - make a perfectly capable housing for all that electric motor power. If you really want to get into detail, all of Haibike's innovative technologies are showcased here on HaiBike's website.

    So, why would you choose Haibike?

  • You want to make it way easier to access trails at the top of long hills.
  • You'd like a bike with enough torque to climb nearly anything.
  • You're really into the idea of a silent electric motor.
  • You want something that you can actually have fun with.
  • You need to get away from the city for a little while.
  • So, what are you waiting for?

    We're really excited for these bikes, and for good reason: with their clever engineering and innovation you can really have fun on these bikes. Below you'll find our hand-picked selection of Haibikes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We'd love to share our excitement with you!