HCF 707 Pacelite review by Rod Wilson - Oakland, CA NYCeWheels.com

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HCF 707 Pacelite review by Rod Wilson - Oakland, CA

P.S. I will try to get some photos of my Pacelite electric scooter and some of the hills this little beast happens to be able to climb, I have been truly shocked the climbing ability this thing has. It has scooted me up hills that if you were riding a bicycle you would just look at the hill and turn the other way quickly and just ride any direction but up it.

The brakes on this scooter really shocked me too. More than once I have had to put them on quickly to avoid kissing a car, auto and Bus drivers just don't seem to give a damn about electric scooter riders and sometimes will jump the gun as soon as their light turns green without making sure that the intersection has cleared. Buses will pin you in right to the curb as they zoom into a bus zone regardless that they have just driven by you and already know that you are there and they won't give you anywhere to go but to the brakes and these suckers just plain work.

The quality and workmanship on the Pacelite 707 scooter is really super. I have found that there is very little that they could do to make a better scooter. It gets me around rather nicely and I believe thus far has been a very wise choice on my part to have picked a Pacelite 707 SLX as my scooter choice. I used your review and a few others and a ride I took on one in San Francisco before making it my choice. I have not ridden any other scooters so don't really know anything about any other scooters, but I know that if one wants to buy and electric scooter the Pacelite is a very good choice.

The Pacelite Electric Scooters are no longer available. Check out the Goped Hoverboard electric scooter, now available with Lithium batteries!