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IF Mode Bike Review

pacific if mode bike

When I first saw the IF Mode folding bike I thought I might be dreaming, and that was before I had a chance to ride it! Once I started unfolding it I was sure I was dreaming, I mean, it's just too cool to be real. Where else do you see such an incredible integration of art and function? To see how it stacks up against our other folding bikes, I took the Pacific Cycles IF Mode out for a ride around the trendy and chic streets of New York City's West Village.

The IF Mode folding bike draws attention.

The day before was actually the first time I had ever been able to bring a bike into my building. Usually, the building manager hassles me about it being a fire hazard or too dirty, but with the compact folded IF Mode bike he just watched me roll it right into the elevator without a word. So the next day I rolled the folded IF Mode out of the elevator, through the front door and into the morning sunshine. Unfolding the bike takes a little practice, but after a few tries it boils down to one fluid motion that takes about 20 seconds. First you raise the seat and open the handle bars, then a quick pendulum swing of the front wheel opens the frame. Finally, lock one lever in place and open the pedals and you're ready to go! Resisting the temptation to fold and unfolding it again just for fun, I hopped on and headed up 6th avenue.

The Pacific Cycles IF Mode rides like a regular bike.

The IF Mode handled very well and felt pretty much like a regular bike. Its full sized wheels smooth out some of the bumps in the road and make it a bit faster than some of the other folding bikes. Another great aspect of the design is the S-shaped frame which flexes slightly and absorbs shock. With a solid frame it handled some small potholes and rough pavement without making me feel like it was about to collapse. One of the most unique features of the IF Mode bicycle is its Swiss made Schlumpf 2 Speed Drive. This gearing system fits right between the pedals, inside the bottom bracket. With this drive system, you shift by tapping your heels against buttons on the side of the crank arms! That means you don't have to move your hands to shift, you just tap the right side to cruise and the left side to start up or climb hills. And even though I love going fast, I appreciated the IF Mode's front and rear disk brakes. I could stop on a dime.

Goodbye dirt and grime, hello IF Mode!

I don't know about you, but I am tired of chain grease ruining my pants and getting all over my hands when I try to carry my bike up stairs or when putting it in a car. The IF Mode bicycle is designed with an enclosed drive train that keeps grease on the chain and off of you and your clothes. The design takes chain guards to the next level, fully enclosing the system, which minimizes contamination from dirt. This leaves your chain clean and running smoothly, ensuring that it will need little maintenance.

IF mode bike: an unsurpassed design.

There is really no other folding bike like the Pacific IF Mode. Pacific Cycles has been designing amazing folding bikes for years, culminating in the IF Mode. It is a perfect fusion of art and function. You can hang it on the wall of your apartment like a piece of modern art and then take it out for a ride around the block. You can show it off to friends at parties or impress people out on the street with its smooth rapid folding action. The IF Mode bike is the iPhone of folding bikes: a fantastic innovative design, way ahead of its time that synthesizes function and style. It's the perfect compliment to the modern life style.

With the IF Mode, you get what you pay for.

All in all, the IF Mode is an amazing product. It is more expensive than some other folding bikes, but it boasts an incredible unique design, and unmatched style. If you want the coolest folding bike on the market, one which will dazzle people with its design, the IF Mode is for you. So check out some awesome pictures and video of the Pacific Cycles IF Mode on our product page.