Super Cool Folding Bikes: IF Mode and IF Reach

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Super Cool Folding Bikes: IF Mode and IF Reach

Pacific Cycles is on the cutting edge of folding bike technology. Their emphasis on design is the most important aspect of creating a bike, which is why we see such innovation and maintenance-free folding bikes coming from their company. Many of their bikes can double as modern art, in addition to being durable commuter bikes. In fact, some of their team has embarked on a museum tour of the country with the IF Mode folding bike. Now THAT is impressive.

Two of the most recent additions to the Pacific Cycles family are both groundbreaking in their own way. Both of these are folding bikes, and are a part of the Integrated Folding (IF) family. The first of these is the ultra-hip IF Mode folding bike. A full size bike that folds? It's almost too good to be true. The second is the IF Reach folding bike.

IF Mode folding bike: A bike to match your Armani pants

Whether you prefer the silky cream colored IF Mode folding bike, or the jet-black version, there's no doubt that this bike was built to turn heads. Riding on 26" wheels, this bike is built like a mountain bike to handle a tough commute. It also folds in three steps to a package that can be wheeled around for easy storage. Find another full-size folding bike that is this easy. I dare you.

The best part about the IF Mode is the low-maintenance aspect. The 2-speed Schlumpf drive is sealed inside the frame, so you won't ever have to worry about skipping chains or messy derailleurs. Just kick the crank to change gears. Oh and grease? Never again. The chain is completely sealed inside as well. Breaking spokes? Not on this baby. The rims use three high-quality aluminum flanges instead. This folding bike is sweet, in every possible way.

The IF Reach lightweight performance folding bike

We carry the non folding version of the Reach Racing and Reach Road bikes but we were super excited to have the IF Reach in stock. A folding bike with 18 speeds that folds in 15 seconds to a nice compact size? Who wouldn't be happy?

Well, when the IF Reach folding bike arrived at our store, we were shocked. The lightweight frame was only 26.2lbs pounds.

We also carried the IF Reach DC folding electric bike This integrated pedal-assist motor, built into a gearbox in the bottom bracket, makes this one of the most efficient electric bikes around. It can travel over 25 miles on a single battery charge.

The IF Reach DC also has the integrated folding system we love so much, so you can store it easily in the trunk of a car, a closet, or a small Manhattan bike shop.

We can't deny the innovation of Pacific Cycles. They really strive to make the best folding bikes out there. Check out our IF Mode folding bike and the new IF Reach DC electric folding bike.