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IF Reach DC, lightweight electric folding bike

Past Sunday was the perfect day to spend all day with the new If Reach DC electric folding bike. It was the first day of spring and it was about 74 degrees out. I headed to the shop to pick up the IF Reach and take it to Central Park.

Not only was I going to really test this thing, I was also going to make a video and shoot plenty of stills. Needless to say, I was not traveling light. I took along my Nikon, Helmet cam, reflectors, 5 lenses, steady-cam setup and more. My riding weight must have been around 220 pounds.

Having a fairly small battery and motor, the If Reach DC electric folding bike provided plenty of power, even up the steep hill on the top loop in the park. The reason this lightweight folding bike has good power is its direct drive bottom bracket motor. This setup allows the electric motor to have its maximum torque through every single gear. It is very cool to feel that surge every time you up-shift.

Even with my weight on it, the suspension did not need adjustment and worked perfectly smooth, even on short stretches of off-road riding. The If Reach DC bicycle uses a standard, easy to use rapid fire shifter with 8 gears. The gears work well together with the motor rpm's turning it into a sweet riding hybrid electric folding bike.

The frame of the If Reach DC electric folding bike feels no different than a rigid, non folding frame. The reason for this is the unique hinge designed by Mark Sanders that is used on all IF Reach bikes now. This hinge securely pulls both halves of the bike together against each other without using traditional clamps used on most cheaper folding bikes.

I am really blown away by the solid ride of this bike. The If Reach DC electric bicycle is a great electric bike and also a great folding bike. These two are very hard to combine because a folding bike should be as light as possible and as portable as possible. It has to be very rigid as well to take the extra torque created by the powerful electric motor.

The battery weights only around 7 pounds and pops out in a second. The battery seems to last for a long time. I did quite a bit of riding since I had no camera man when doing the video so 5 takes per shot was the minimum. I have a small battery powered drive for my camera that just swings side to side and records everything in its path - challenge was to get into its path. After playing around all afternoon, I still had 3 out of 5 lights on the build in battery charge indicator.

Overall the If Reach DC folding bike is definitely worth its money and is a great compact commuter folding bike but is also a great compact bike with motor , even if you don't need it to fold. The drive system is fully enclosed, only a few wires are exposed. The charger and battery employ smart circuitry to prevent overcharging. No memory effect either.

The If Reach DC electric bike is a wonderful electric folding bike and will quickly turn into one of our best sellers. Come into our shop in New York City for a test drive or check the product page on the IF Reach DC.