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IF Reach DC: Commuting on an Electric Folding Bike

Its been a hot and sticky couple of days in here at New York City. The 21st has come and gone leaving us in the thick of a New York City summer. I usually commute on my 8 speed full sized bike, but given the heat and humidity I decided to take advantage of my job here at NYCeWheels and jump on an electric folding bike to beat the heat (plus I got a flat and I'm lazy). So, for the last two days I've been riding our IF Reach DC, an electric folding bike, and boy has it been a blast.

My electric folding bike of choice

This folding electric bike has an integrated bottom bracket motor which combined my leg power with the motor power. The feeling is quite remarkable actually. I didn't feel like I was being pushed around and I didn't feel like I was riding a motorcycle. It was like the bike knew what I wanted to do and just did it. When I accelerated I got more power from the motor and when I stopped the motor responded accordingly. Not only was it easy to use, I hardly broke a sweat during my 30 minute ride. That's not the norm for me either.

One thing that I appreciated from the IF Reach DC was having 8 speeds. Even thought I commute in Manhattan I have a few fairly steep hills to deal with. I'm sure having ridden up them without motor power so many times made me appreciate it even more but IF Reach DC really seemed to help me up these hills. I shifted down to 2nd gear and was able to pedal up even the steepest hill with only a moderate effort compared to when I ride my normal bike.

The lightest electric bike

As an electric folding bike the IF Reach DC presented me with the added advantage of compact and easy storage. I already have limited space in my apartment and a regular sized bike just barely fits. With the IF Reach DC I was able to fold the bike and tuck it next to my desk, out of the way and easy to access. Also because I live in a 5th floor walk-up apartment I was curious to see how it would feel to carry the bike up all 150 stairs (yes I've counted). Well as it turns out, the lightest electric bike in our store was a good choice for me. At 42 lbs I was able to carry it up without too much extra effort. I've taken some 50 and 60 lb electric bikes up those stairs and it was a different story.

Riding the IF Reach DC electric folding bike was really exciting. I very much enjoyed arriving at work on time without being drenched in sweat and I enjoyed saving some space in my apartment when I got home. I'd say that the IF Reach DC is one of my favorite electric folding bikes. Maybe after a few more months I can get my hands on one of my own...