How to Install Bike Pedals

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How to Install Bike Pedals

what's in the box15mm wrench When you get your bike from NYCeWheels it usually wont have the pedals on it yet. Most bike shops don't ship bikes with pedals installed.

    There are 2 good reasons for this
  1. It makes the box smaller - saves customers $$ in shipping!
  2. Reduces the likelyhood of damage to bike in shipping - always a plus!

So how do you do it? Simple!

left pedal We pre-grease the pedals and provide an appropriate 15 mm wrench for installation free of charge. That way you can get riding right after opening the box. Follow these instructions with patience and care and you'll be off riding in no time.

    Installing Pedals
  1. Identify Left vs Right pedal. There is a "L" or "R" stamped into the metal part of the pedal near the threaded part that looks like a screw. Note: they are not the same!!

  2. Install the left hand pedal first. You will have to screw it in COUNTER-CLOCKWISE because the threading is the reverse of a normal screw. DO NOT USE THE WRENCH until you are ready to tighten it for the final few turns. Tighten it down until you can't anymore. (If you feel you do not have enough hand strength you can slide a pipe over the wrench to extend the lever and get more force but be careful not to bend the wrench)

  3. right pedalInstall the right hand pedal. This one threads in CLOCKWISE, like a normal screw. Follow the same principals as discussed in step 2 for the left pedal.

  4. Wipe off any excess grease from around the holes to screw pedals into.

That's it! If you haven't already done so you may need to turn the handlebars forward on your bike. See instructions here.