Peter's Dahon IOS P8 Review

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Peter's Dahon IOS P8 Review

Wow, I never thought I'd love a bike as much as the Brompton but the Dahon IOS P8 sure was fun. While it may not be so super compact as a Brompton folding bike the IOS P8 did fill in a gap in my cycling life that I had been missing a bit. You see, the IOS P8 is a large size folding bike with 24 inch wheels, yet it still folds relatively compactly. This is great because I love the feel of a full size bike but I just can't store it.

I rode the Dahon IOS P8 folding bike all weekend. To rehearsals at Manhattan School of Music, to the Verizon store to get my cell phone fixed, to and from work, through Central Park, and every where in between. I loved the feeling of riding on the 24 inch wheels of this folding bike and was very satisfied with the gearing. I particularly liked that I could adjust the stem to suit my riding style. Let me go over a few of theses features in more detail.

The IOS P8 feels like a full sized bicycle

The larger wheel size of the IOS P8 folding bike is probably its biggest advantage. These wheels make the IOS P8 more stable and less bumpy, a very comfortable ride. Usually larger wheels mean that the folding bike will not be able to fold as compactly, yet this is not the case with the IOS P8. Thanks to a very smooth and cool hinge design this folding bike can collapse down to the size of one of those 20 inch wheel Dahon folding bikes. I was able to store this folding bike in my apartment with no trouble at all.

The next thing I liked about the IOS P8 was that I could adjust the stem to suit the riding style I wanted. Have you ever heard of an adjustable stem you didn't need a tool to operate? The stem of the Dahon IOS P8 is not only operated simply and easily with one hand (you can actually do this while riding though I don't recommend it) you can lift and twist the handlebars through 270 degrees of rotation. That means you almost have several styles of bicycle in one. If you want a road bike stance, just adjust the stem forward a bit, if you want a cruiser stance adjust it back and up. I love that this folding bicycle is so customizable. Yet another very cool innovation from Dahon.

You can go anywhere with the IOS P8

I also really liked the gearing on the IOS P8. With 8 speeds in a very wide range I was able to have a gear for any situation. I have a very steep hill on my way home from work, going north on Amsterdam Ave from 125th st to 134th, and I always like to test the low gears of our Dahon folding bikes on this hill. The IOS P8 performed very well, definitely passing the test. I also like to take a loop around Central Park and see how fast I have to pedal to keep up with the road bikers. The IOS P8 also did fairly well here. It is a very stiff ride so the power transfer from your legs is good and I kept right along them for a mile or so.

I really enjoyed doing this Dahon IOS P8 review. It is one folding bike that can do almost anything. I would recommend it for folding bike commuting and recreational riding too. It is compact enough to take inside with you most places and still has that great full sized bike feel. Check out the Dahon IOS P8 folding bike, you'll love it.