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Is an electric bike appropriate for me?

"So I'm looking for an electric bike..."  

Electric bikes are designed to augment human power, not to completely replace it. Electric bikes make pedaling easier, climbing hills more realistic, and make longer trips possible. Electric bikes can meet a wide variety of needs for the rider: commuting, leisure, show boating (some people like to have the best and the latest technology, and there's no shame in it.) But, as with any vehicle, there are certain needs that an electric bike is not appropriate for. Some examples? We have a few case studies:

Potential electric bike buyer case studies

"I want something that can race at 40 mph. Essentially, I want everything I can get with a car or a motorcycle, but something with an electric bike motor." We're sorry, but these electric bikes do not exist. If you spend all day watching 'The Fast and the Furious' trilogy and have a need for speed, electric bikes in general will sorely let you down. Electric bikes don't typically go any faster than a standard bike would. High speeds is not what electric bikes are about. What they are about is making pedaling and riding easier. Such is the nature of the electric bike. "Oh man, but I just saw the 'Ghost Rider' movie and that dude was all riding on the side of buildings and leaving trails of flames as he peeled out and-" ... sorry, but you'll need a motorcycle for that. And you'll also need to be a motorcycle stunt performer in a traveling circus that sells his soul to a demon. It's essentially the only way to become Ghost Rider, or a facsimile thereof. We're not even sure that selling your soul as an electric bike owner would be enough. This is just one of those scenarios where all of the right ingredients need to be present.

"I'm a bike messenger. I ride all day, every day. I pretty much ride from when I wake up until I go to sleep. Sometimes I skip sleep just to ride more. Which electric bike would be best for me?" Unfortunately, none. If you purchased a couple of extra batteries, an electric bike could certainly handle your route and be greatly useful to you. However, any bike that's used so frequently, with such enthusiasm, and put under such stresses will need to be replaced at a higher rate. So if you don't mind purchasing a new electric bicycle or electric bike parts a couple of times a year, an electric bike would be great for messenger work. If replacing the bike from time to time is out of your budget, then an electric bike is not for you. This is why most messengers ride $50 bikes. When they get quickly worn down to the point that they are unusable, they are easy to replace. For the rest of you us out there with more conventional uses, you'll find that electric bikes are durable and require very little maintenance on their electric components; roughly 95% of the maintenance would be standard bike maintenance that can be handled at any local shop.

"I have a short commute to work. I don't crave raw power, but I'm looking for something that can properly assist me when I need it to. I like to pedal, but I want help on hills and the return trip. I plan to pedal gently as I use the throttle to ensure the best possible range and to protect my battery in the long run. I also plan to use my electric bicycle motor for fun on my days off, in the park and around the neighborhood." You, Sir or Madam, are the ideal electric bike rider! We look forward to doing business with you. That said, you need to get started somewhere. You're most likely wondering what the best electric bike is for you. If you're looking for an electric bike for fun and leisure, your choice is easy. They're all fun, so pick which ever one you like! If you're looking for electric bikes that are good for commuting, you'll want to review our entire line of eZee bikes on our electric bike page. If you fit into the 'show boaters' category and want a very high-end electric bike to ride around but also to show off to your friends, then check out the eZee Forza and the OHM XS700 Sport. These electric bikes will do the trick.

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