Best Adult Kick Scooter Comparison

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Best Adult Kick Scooter Comparison

For a long time there was only one "best kick scooter" in our shop, the CityKicker. But in late 2010 two new kick scooters joined our ranks, the Micro Scooter and the KickPed. With 3 kick scooters in the shop all vying for the title of best kick scooter I want to clear the air and lay out a side by side comparison of these three. So here goes!

NOTE: These are actual measurements I did in the shop!

Weight: Can you carry your kick scooter with your pinky?

  • 10.2 to 11.5 lbs - Xootr kick scooters weigh more or less depending on the model. The Xootr Roma is the lightest of the line and the Xootr Street is the heaviest.
  • 10.9 lbs - Micro kick scooters are a little bit heavier than the lightest Xootrs but still very easy to carry.
  • 11.7 lbs - The Kick Ped is one tough scooter, a bit heavier than the Xootr or KickPed but super strong.

Wheel Size: How smooth will the ride be?

  • 7.1 in - CityKicker scooters have very large wheels and hard rubber tires. Hard rubber means the CityKicker goes really fast, but feels bumpier. Large wheels compensate for the hard rubber for a nice smooth ride.
  • 7.08 in - Micro kick scooters have even larger wheels than the CityKicker with slightly softer rubber. They are a bit more comfortable than CityKickers and easily roll over any bumps in the road.
  • 6 in - The KickPed scooter has the smallest wheels of our adult kick scooters but also the softest tires. The soft rubber makes for a very comfortable ride that is perfect for everyday city riding. They are also 2X wider, making this kick scooter much more stable.

Handlebar Height: Do you have to lean way over to ride?

  • 25.5 to 42 in - The CityKicker handlebar should come up to the waist of someone 5' 10" and can be lowered enough to allow kids to ride it too.
  • 26 to 40 in - Micro kick scooters have a slightly shorter handlebar which is at the waist of riders about 5' 8" '. It is very comfortable for average to shorter riders and can be lowered for kids.
  • 43 in - KickPed scooters have the tallest handlebars of our adult kick scooters. This kick scooter is designed to fit average to tall adults and older children. The handlebar is not adjustable to save weight and add strength. If you want to see some one over 6 feet tall riding comfortably on this scooter you should watch our KickPed movie.

Wheel base: How stable will this kick scooter be at speed?

  • 28.5 in - CityKicker scooters have a the longest wheel base and are very stable and safe.
  • 27.5 in - Micro kick scooters have a bit of a shorter wheel base but are still very stable and safe, this scooter will feel great for average to shorter adults.
  • 28 in - Kick Peds have a long wheel base which tracks smoothly and easily.

Extra features: What's unique about this kick scooter?

  • A handbrake! CityKicker kick scooters have a front hand brake and an optional rear fender stomp brake. That means you have double the braking power of your standard scooter. Good thing too because these kick scooters are fast.
  • A kickstand! Micro kick scooters have a kick stand so you don't have to leave them leaned up against a parking meter or on the floor every time you get a text message or phone call when riding. Very cool feature.
  • It's Indestructible! Try as you might, no matter how hard you ride you can't bust the KickPed. I found that out first hand in my Kick Ped review. This adult kick scooter comes with a lifetime service guarantee. You never have to worry about riding hard with such a durable kick scooter.

What is each kick scooter designed to do?

All of these kick scooters can are meant to fit adults and taller children who want a quality kick scooter that they can ride for years without issue. These are not disposable kick scooters that last for a year or two before you have to buy a new one. They are meant to last. Any of them are perfect for running errands, commuting, keeping up with the kids, or just going out for fun. Here's what defines each of them:

  • CityKicker kick scooters are the fastest kick scooters we carry because of their hard rubber tires. It has extra breaking power thanks to the front hand brake and optional fender break. This is a great kick scooter for adults who want a durable scooter that is fast, safe, and long lasting.
  • Micro kick scooters are designed as high performance kick scooters. They are good for shorter to average height adult riders who want a fast and strong kick scooter that is very easy to use and safe.
  • Kick Ped kick scooters are designed to be totally unbreakable. Their high tensile steel frame is not as light or fast as some other adult kick scooters but the KickPed scooter is easily the strongest and most comfortable. The taller handlebar makes it ideal for average to tall adults. It also folds out faster than any other kick scooter.

I hope this has helped you decide between our different models of kick scooters. Check out the links to each individual scooter for detailed specifications, more pictures, and videos.