Kick scooters are not just for kids anymore - Adult scooters are real transportation

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Kick scooters are not just for kids anymore - Adult scooters are real transportation

Everyone loves kick scooters

Kick scooters! Everyone loves kick scooters. All age groups turn to these nifty devices due to their simplicity, ease of use, and fun factor. A kick scooter takes a moment to fold or unfold, requires nothing more of you than to hop on it and go, and they get you to and from your daily destinations faster than walking and with greater ease than a bike.

In the last several years kick scooters have seen a boom in urban centers, as many people have adopted them for their every day needs, finding that they integrate into one's life seamlessly. It isn't an uncommon sight in New York City to see a businessman coasting down the street on a kick scooter. Scooters aren't seen as kids' toys nowadays, and many manufacturers have responded appropriately by producing high-quality, affordable, durable scooters. The prime example would be Xootr (pronounced 'Zooter,' as seen in the movie 'Little Manhattan'), providing five different models and a variety of accessories.

What can one expect from kick scooters these days?

This generation of kick scooters has offered light-weight, highly portable models that can easily be taken anywhere. Xootr scooters fold down and lock into place, creating a compact package that can be kept in a bag or slung over the shoulder with a carrying strap. Kick scooters work wonderfully for commuters. If you're only traveling a short to intermediate distance, a kick scooter can easily become your new mode of transportation. If you have a bit farther to travel, a kick scooter can be used in conjunction with public transportation. You can take it with you on the train or bus, and then get off and ride it the remainder of the distance to your destination. Need to run an errand? A kick scooter will make it that much quicker. Kick scooters work very well for those traveling as well. They can be taken with you on the plane and made use of wherever you might go. They serve as a great personal transportation device for those with little storage space: they can be kept on a boat, in an RV, or in the smallest of apartments without compromising your space. You can even store a good selection of kick scooters in your trunk if you're living out of your car (whether you're on the road or just missed last month's rent.)

Today's kick scooters are built to last, designed for the wear and tear of everyday use, and feature added safety features. These safety features include hand brakes, rear fender brakes, larger wheels, and wide, durable decks (with a wider deck, balance is an afterthought.)

Our brand new Micro kick scooter is one of the best quality kick scooters we have offered. Micro kick scooters have been designed in Switzerland where quality, style and function are the most important key factors. The Micro Scooter is all that and is still more affordable than a Swiss watch.

Our selection of kick scooters will provide you with all of the options that you could hope for.

If you're still not convinced that kick scooters can offer serious changes in your life, we beg you to read the following story: "What if I owned a kick scooter?"