KickPed: Toughest Adult Kick Scooter

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KickPed: Toughest Adult Kick Scooter

After years of working with adult kick scooters for years we've come to a pretty clear idea of what works and what doesn't. It's not just the design of a kick scooter that matters, it's how it is built, how it feels to ride it, whether you find yourself again and again wanting to go out for a spin around the neighborhood. We've taken the hard earned experience of NYC's daily kick scooter commuters, their tips and tricks, their likes and dislikes, and distilled it into one single adult kick scooter that is simple, tough, and really fun to ride. And so the KickPed (manufactured by GoPed in California) is born!

What makes the KickPed so great?

It works - and it keeps working without issue no matter what you throw at it. There is no other kick scooter that can boast the same list of high quality specs, take a look:

  • The biggest backer of the Kick Ped's indestructible reputation is the high tensile steel frame upon which it is built. This frame is the same used in Goped's gas powered scooters and can support up to 300 lbs. In other words, saying "weight limit" just doesn't seem to apply here.

  • Extra tall handlebars make the KickPed adaptable to riders of all heights. No more leaning over the front wheel just to hold on. No more touchy, shaky handling. The Kick Ped keeps your back straight and your shoulders back. This makes it a much more comfortable adult kick scooter.

  • The narrow deck is marine grade plywood that will hold up to daily commuting. With a deck this size you'll have plenty of space for your feet without interfering with your ankle as you kick by. Two grip tape strips keep you grounded and provide the traction needed to stay on board no matter what. It's the perfect deck for an adult kick scooter.

  • The large 2.5" x 6" wheels are made from a softer rubber than what you find on Xootr kick scooters. The softer wheels trade a tiny bit of speed for an enormous amount of comfort. Most people who scoot every day tend to appreciate that and it makes the Kick Ped even better on long rides.

  • 1 Step slide tube folding. This is perhaps the best hinge design out there. Simple, effective, easy to use, and very reliable. With one quick motion you can pack this kick scooter up or flip it out. It's easily the fastest folding adult kick scooter around.

With a KickPed you can use and abuse without worry.

We believe so fully in our design (and Goped's manufacturing) of the KickPed scooter that we are offering a lifetime guarantee on the frame! That's not something you find on just any kick scooter either. The reason for our unwavering faith in this scooter rests in the solid construction and minimal maintenance inherent in the design. There really is very little that can go wrong, and assuming you're not going out to the skate park to do 360 flips over hot coals you should be golden.

So if you want a bullet proof adult kick scooter that's fast, safe, and fun to ride, stop by our shop for a test ride on the KickPed, best adult kick scooter.