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Product information "Kickped Adult Scooter"
Our Classic Kickped with a new look! The 2018 Kickped features a matte black frame, and logo free look keep it clean and stylish!

The KickPed is the product of selling and servicing many thousands of kick scooters in NYC. We know from experience what works and what doesn't. Teaming up with Go-Ped Werx in Colorado, we're offering this scooter that is perfect city commutes for adults. The KickPed is rugged and low maintenance.

KickPed kick scooter features:

  • Steel frame build for tough commutes
  • Low maintenance design
  • Low profile deck for portability
  • Long wheelbase for high-speed stability
  • Made in the USA

The KickPed features solid rubber wheels and a steel frame. Sure it's not space-age or super light-weight but it is very durable!

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(120 Reviews)
12 Feb 2019

great adult sized scoot, option for air filled tires desired

Just received my Kick-Ped yesterday. solid build, quality, folding design is genius and effective. it is also the lightest scooter we own (have the Razor air filled and the Osprey dirt for my daughter and son).
The tires are on point for rougher pavement, any concrete surface and even handle gravel roads (packed) remarkably well.
The only two things i could possibly ask for would be an air filled tire option and to have the keeper spring coated in rubber. Ii will be riding on gravel more often, while the solid tires are wide enough and large enough to take the gravel, an air filled tire takes out the added vibration (the spring -not the tube- rattles slightly over rough gravel, having it coated Might eliminate this. I will likely coat my spring in some Tool Dip). So if you are looking for a primarily off road scooter i would go with something like the Osprey (and hey, the Kick Ped isn't designed for primary off road use, so it does very well that considered).

That said, i am very happy with the scooter, it is a solid, all around, take any terrain you throw at it, but best suited for the paved roads with the occasional gravel road detour scooter. Wish i had it earlier when i lived in Portland, the paved roads get rough in places and this scooter wouldn't have blinked at them.

Oh, in closing I am 6'1" 230-250lbs (depends on if i have my winter weight on ;) ) the bar height is perfect, and the oval shaped hand grips are Very comfortable. Good build NYCE, just have the option for air filled tires to swap out and i'd be 5 stars.

5 Jan 2019

Almost three years and still enjoying my Kickped Adult Scooter!

I bought my Kickped scooter back in February 2016 and use it for short distances from the parking lot near where I work or from the light rail train to where I work (less than half a mile). In order to get used to using a kick scooter, I started by taking it on a paved bike trail for six miles at a time round trip -- good exercise! It doesn't go as fast as kick scooters with polyurethane wheels (hello Xooter and Razor!), but that's OK. I feel totally in control at a slower speed with all rubber wheels that go over everything. Plus the added resistance is good from an exercise standpoint. Yes, the rear brake leaves something to be desired but, since I am generally rolling on mostly flat surfaces, that hasn't been much of an issue. And it folds up so easily if I have to get on a crowded elevator. Would I ever try out a Xooter push scooter. Maybe someday...but I have to say that this Kickped is built to last and the deck is very stable; I change feet easily when I'm kicking along -- and it fits beautifully in the back of my tiny Fiat!

21 Jul 2018

Built like a tank!

I'm a 220 lb. powerlifter. I was looking for a kick scooter that will last. The Kickped fits the bill! It rides smoothly over most sidewalks. I even tried it on a country road with tight gravel and it was fine. I love the quick folding mechanism. The fact that it's made in the USA is a bonus. Kudos to NYCeWheels for their design insight in improving the Goped.

20 Jul 2018

Made like they uses to make things...

If Harley-Davidson made a kick scooter, I imagine it would be like this one. This is a lovely kick scooter; simple, yet elegant design, safe and comfortable. The rubber tires keep you safe if you get stuck out in the rain which happens to me on occasion whilst commuting. Much better traction than polyurethane tires on wet surfaces. The rear brake is ineffective in the rain so one has to reduce speed and plan ahead. The steel frame gives a better ride than aluminum framed alternatives like the Xootr. As knowledgeable cyclists say, "Steel is real..." Rolling resistance is a bit higher than narrow tire scooters but this tradeoff is worth the extra measure of safety that the KickPed provides. The folding mechanism is as fast as the Kleefer or Xootr without the added complexity. I really like the new black finish. It appears to be very durable. Both my wheels spin freely so I didn't have to loosen the wheel axle lock nuts like some folks have reported on earlier samples. Overall, the quality control on this product is superb. My son keeps borrowing mine so I'm going to have to buy a second one!

5 Jun 2018

Okay, but a performance Dog...

Scooter has decent build quality. It is not as robust a build as the new Xootrs which have a capacity of 800lb compared to the Kickped's 300lb. The reviews saying the Kickped is faster than the Xootr in the real world are nonsense -- it is NOT. I don't own a car; I only scoot (up to 8 miles per day, 5 days a week) and feel the Kickped is a dog compared to the Xootr on my local roads and sidewalks. Rolling resistance is poor compared to the Xootr. Goped should have given the Kickped rubber tyres no wider that 1-1/8". Also, the elimination of a front brake is dumb. On wet roads, which the Kickped can be safely used on due to its rubber tyres, it NEEDS a front break to stop since the rear brake is 100% useless when the tyre is wet. One area where the Kickped is superior to the *new gen* Xootrs is in shock absorbtion due to its steel backbone vs. the Xootr's new alloy box chassis, however, my previous gen Ultra Cruz has a superior ride to the Kickped because the previous gen Xootrs with the wood deck had alloy rails that did flex. Overall, it's okay but I'm selling mine. Doesn't really work for long-distance use. Sorely needs a petrol or electric motor if you plan to scoot distances more than a couple of miles...

9 May 2018

Best Purchase Ever

Great material, super fast shipping, super fast. Could not be happier with my choice. Super recommend

1 May 2018

Kickped Push Scooter

Scooter arrived faster than I had anticipated. Have used it several times in the past week for getting into the office in downtown Philadelphia and I keep continuously being stopped and approached by people on the street both curious about the scooter and exactly where I found such a unique item. I love the damn thing and its simply a great product. The thing is a tank and many of the folks that have stopped me are drawn to it because it just visual looks like an impressive piece of hardware. Many thanks to NYCeWheels for making the experience of acquiring and owning one pleasant and extremely easy. - Mike Cruz

20 Apr 2018

Kickped large frame

Stopped in the shop to check it out and it's awesome.. my height is 6ft and it fits perfect. Customer service was awesome.. Helped me with the purchase very friendly and accommodating.. See Janee.. she was great..

19 Apr 2018

Outstanding Scooter

Ordered my Kickped on Mon received it 11am Thurs. Product was well packed with no damage. I love the new black mat finish and the dark red plywood deck. I am 75 yrs. old and took the scooter to the park and rode it for an 1hr. The problems I viewed on some old youtube videos are not on the new scooter. Tires rotate freely no spring rattle. This a rugged adult scooter I plan on riding for many years. Thank you Nycewheels.

3 Dec 2017

KickPed recieved

The general quality is very good, is nice, soft and strong, great design, but I had hoped the red wood deck, not the dark brown.Yes, is a only a detail, but, particularly I don't liked the dark wood. Is more natural for the design the red wood deck. Just is my opinion.

1 Dec 2017

good scooterrrr

good scooterrrr

1 Nov 2017

Kicked Best Scooter Ever!

I had such fun on my adult son's Kickped Scooter that I knew I had to have one! The staff was friendly and helpful answering from their online form that they did indeed have one my size. I called and gave the needed information and had it in my hands 4 days later! Kickped is made in NYC and is a sturdy, well designed and solid-made scooter for adults. At 62 and grandmother of 5, I am loving the fun of travel-by-scooter! The only problem I see is keeping it out of my grandchildren's hands! A great product!

19 Oct 2017

Love at first kick

Everything just works - construction is solid. I have the lower kickped, and at a height of 170 cm it feels very right. What I especially love is how the kickped (compared to my former kick scooter) handles different surfaces, I no longer need to slow down at every crack in the pavement for fear of falling.

18 Oct 2017

Kickped to Italy

Great product!

9 Oct 2017


I love this scooter I gave it 4 stars because I wish it had a kickstand attachment I use it for work and I don’t want to always lay it down!

6 Oct 2017

Robust Riding

My Kickped finally arrived Downunder (Aus). This was a 66th birthday present to myself - don't laugh. I had been dancing at the margins of a kick scooter for several years to compliment my long cycling history, a history that now also includes several Brompton bikes - and aren't they a good thing! So, what the Brompton bike offers is robustness and great design affording real world user ease of use. so too does the Kickped scooter. What a great companion the Kickped is already proving to be to my sturdy Bromptons. And sturdiness, at my age, is paramount to confident use. I have only had use of the Kickped for 3 days and have racked-up about 7 miles, enough to appreciate that a decision to go with a scooter of simple but effective design, including the solid rubber tires, was the right choice for me. Thank you NYCeWheels for responding within a reasonable time frame to my initial inquiries. then dispatching the item promptly with a tracker notice that allowed me to identify where this item was in transit at all times. Thank you must also go to Kent Peterson, of Kickped interest, who also found time to graciously respond to my any personal user concerns.
At 5'10" and athletic (for my wrinkly age) 154 pounds the Kickped small was the right size for me.
NYCeWheels will be enjoying future business from me.

13 Sep 2017

great scooter

use it to get from the train station 2 miles to work. Its built like a brick house and has been dependable.

3 Sep 2017

Great Product

It's my second KickPed, since my husband and I are both huge fans. Handles rough roads perfectly.

24 Aug 2017

It's the bee's knees

Scooter is awesome. I fly down the sidewalk now like the Flash, but slower and fatter.

5 Aug 2017

Its not raining out is it?

We hope not so we can go kickpedding!!!!! It's our second one, as our son grew

27 Jul 2017


Well it was certainly a long time coming&with a whopping customs charge!!But i think that it was all worthwhile as the KickPed looks like the daddy of all scooters.

20 Jul 2017

How fast? FAST!

My scooter was ordered on a Thursday, and it was delivered (Pennsylvania) on Friday! There was no time to get myself mentally prepared! I am still reeling from this experience. I have not yet had a chance to ride it, because I live in Norway. If only Norwegian tolls/customs was as fast as you guys. Have a great Summer!

14 Jul 2017

Excellent, built to last and fun to ride.

My kickped makes the distance between the train station and the office that much shorter, very well built and easy to use.

7 Jul 2017

Need more Canadian riders!

As an overweight Canadian, I had 2 concerns in mind as I considered ourchasing this scooter online from the USA:
1) Will it hold my 300lbs? Yes, of course, and then some. The platform didn't even flex. This scooter got my back no questions asked.

2) How much will this really cost me?
Shipping and duty is always a concern for us Canadians and this isn't your typical online purchase. But since there's no batteries involved here it didn't really take long to cross the border and clear Customs. I got mine in a week.
Even with the shipping and US currency conversion the price wasn't really bad at all. Like I said before I got mine pretty fast and then there's the duty fee you gotta pay, whih is about the provincial HST, which is about 13% declared value. I can't state specific values here as it's different for every province but I can say for sure that I received my kickscooter far sooner and for a lot less than I imagined. It won't be as cheap as your kid's scooter from the local big name department store but still, its cheaper than a bicycle and in a lot of ways, way better too. It's portable, so no hassles if your have to take public transport, just carry it!
It's a really sturdy scooter, I just wish I could see more adults on them around here. How about it Canada, ride with me!

4 Jul 2017

Excellent and durable: great for the overweight riders

I am overweight and the 220 lbs. weight limit that many scooter brands have is too low for me. Research revealed a few options with a higher weight limit of 300 lbs. so I went over to NYCeWheels to try out all my options. The staff were patient and friendly and showed me two models that fit my needs: the Xootr and the Kickped. After trying the Xootr, I immediately loved the stability and sturdiness of the Kickped. The thick wheels meant that I could go over small sidewalk cracks, sticks and twigs, and uneven terrain with ease. While it wouldn't be as fast as the Xootr with its thin wheels and somewhat lighter frame, the Kickped goes fast enough to have some fun. It's great fun to ride downhill and on even terrain, but it is difficult to ride uphill (as most kick scooters are). I've taken my Kickped on several jaunts throughout my neighborhood and I've been very satisfied with the smoothness of the ride and the strength of the frame. It holds my weight with ease and I am very confident that I will enjoy it in the years to come.

Pros: Frame construction, wheels, durability
Cons: Folding mechanism takes some getting used to

29 Jun 2017

Simple perfection

Works great! Is nice and solid. Supports me at 6'2" and 275lbs with ease.

27 Jun 2017

solid scooter

I really like this scooter so far. I use it for commuting in the city, and the heavy tires are really forgiving on bumps and curbs. I feel very secure on this scooter.

24 Jun 2017

Love it!!!...But there is one thing I HATE about it

I love my kickped scooter but there is something that makes me HATE it at the same time. My girlfriend and I both have folding bikes and I purchased the kickped as a third wheel option for friends who didn't have anything to ride. The kickped was so much fun to ride and much easier to transport than the bikes, I went back to purchase a second kickped for my girlfriend. Now most of the time we take the scooters and leave the bikes at home. There are a couple of downsides to the kickped and one thing I absolutely HATE about it. the deck is high and after a while the leg I keep on the deck starts the hurt from the constant dipping down to push. I try switching sides but I'm not that coordinated on the other side. The second thing is that at the joint for the folding handlebars there is grease that has gotten on my clothes. I know I just have to be more careful because this needs to be lubed but its just annoying. Now on to the thing I HATE about the kickped...no kickstand!!! I feel like this would have been a simple add and for the price of the scooter it should have come with one.

19 Jun 2017


Extremely happy with my new KickPed

17 Jun 2017

Live this kick scooter!

I bought this kick scooter a day after ordering the xootr street. I've only been using kick scooters for about two weeks and for less than a mile per day. I can already say that I like the kickped more than the xootr. It feels more stable and is definitely more forgiving with the cracks and bumps on the road. The xootr even with its wider deck feels very wobbly. I'm getting ready to get another one form my wife. I bought her the cheap ancheer one from amazon. As soon as she rode both the kickped and the xootr, she immediately gave me back the ancheer scooter and demanded to give her the kickped.

14 Jun 2017


It is sturdy, durable, and tall enough for an adult.

4 Jun 2017

Tough One! :Thumb up!:

Really like how it's made. Now wanna get electric go-ped as the second commuter =)

3 Jun 2017

Good commuter scooter

I'm using this on my commute to work in SF. It's handy that I can sling it over my shoulder on the subway, and sturdy enough for riding around in the city.

The shipment arrived on time and as described.

24 Apr 2017


Had a KnowPed for 10 years before it was pinched. Love the KickPed. Very solid construction. Narrower deck is fine - still room for 2 feet and no need for the front brake. Side folding is genius and love the new strap to slip over rear fender. Wheels are great over rougher terrain. Higher handlebar is good for me at 6ft.

3 Apr 2017

Awesome. I enjoy using it.

Awesome. I enjoy using it.

24 Mar 2017

Well Made & Great Fun

Love the scooter and great friendly service from NYCE Wheels shipping to the UK for me. I am 6'3" and ordered the taller version and it is perfect. The rattling spring on the folding mechanism ( which others have mentioned) does irritate and only this prevents 5 star review. Would I recommend or buy again? A resounding 'yes'.

24 Mar 2017

KickPed Large

Solid construction. Good value. Mom loved it. I love it. Thanks!

18 Mar 2017

Great customer service!

Customer service was amazing! The quality is awesome. We attempted to order from goped.com and never received it. NYCE wheels was professional, proactive and delivered so quick!

16 Mar 2017

I love it! I use

I love it! I use it about 4 miles a day in Seattle getting from the light rail to my office and home. The tires do well in the rain and easily handle uneven sidewalks. I don't want to understate how much I love it, but here are my two concerns: wearing the back tire on hills and the softness of the friction break in rain. As you likely know, it's VERY rainy and hilly. I'm thinking a model with a disc break could be a welcome addition in a place like Seattle, but I'm not very mechanical, so I'm not sure that's the solution. In any case, do you think the back tire will wear quickly with frequent use on hills? Thanks so much! It's a great tool for the job -- and fun too.

12 Mar 2017



11 Mar 2017

Love my kickPed

I'm 6'3 260lbs. This things hauls me around with no problems. I love it. Looks sharp and allows me to play with my children. Well worth the price in my opinion. Thanks NYCE wheels.

9 Mar 2017

Kick ped large

What a great scooter... I'm 5'11" 270 lifter and it handles the stress without problem... the fat tires really make a difference..

7 Mar 2017

Best Adult Scooter on the market

I travel the world and take a scooter with me. This is the best one yet. Thanks for thinking of such a simple design yet durable. I would have loved to have seen a kick stand and carry bag, but all in all a great scooter.

27 Feb 2017


I bought this after owning 2 KNOWPED scooters made by same company.

I think this one is not made of the same light alloy but...still super fast, light and evn MORE fun to ride!!!

Very convenient to use to get around and sleak look especially for slick narrow, tight city ridings!

It is rusting in certain places cuz live by sea, I think-so will try to treat the next one I buy.

22 Feb 2017

Sweet Scooter

Built to last Love this! Very quiet and just the right size Anyone would love and enjoy this scooter and I love that is Made in the USA!!!

10 Jan 2017

first one

Decided to make my 1 mile commute in Cambridge MA a little more fun and easy. Bought a Kick Ped Large. Love it, built tought and it feels and looks boss. the handles do feel a little high for my 5' 10" 160 frame and they turn a little tight and sticky, but nothing to stop me from scooting around and I still haven't checked back with them to see whats what.really moves you along and halves the time to walk a mile, rolls over city streets and sidewalks easy. woulnd't trust a thinner wheeled version on these sidewalk/streets.

6 Jan 2017

Dream Purchase

After three years of dreaming, finally bit the bullet and received my KickPed. Love. It. Great support from the team and the KickPed is everything it's billed to be. Couldn't be more thrilled and ready for warmer weather.

17 Dec 2016

Probably the best commuter scooter on the market

I take the train to/from work and use the kicked for the last 1.5 miles to my house. I've tried a lot of different solutions over the last 5 years, this is the best. If it is the best why not 5 stars?

(1) The break is almost worthless in the rain
(2) the strap after folding is more fiddleley than it should be. The new Xooter is easier to fold. It is also a bit dirty (I'd rather not walk into to work with dirt stains on my hands).
(3) It is slow. The kickped requires significantly more effort to push along than its main competitor, the Xooter, and for all that effort- good luck getting to go as fast. From what I understand this is a combination of board height requiring more movement and wheel friction- but whatever the reason it is slower. It is also slightly heavier but that plays more into comfort carrying it and wasn't something I really noticed.

So now I've told you everything bad about it, why do I still think it is the best.
(1) it folds up small enough to fit under the train/buss seat. It also means I can just carry it in to work and place it under my desk. Fitting under the seat, is a huge deal and why I gave up on the folding bike thing- trying to find room for even a folding bike on crowded San Francisco trains is no fun.
(2) price
Decent folding bikes are super expensive and scooters are comparatively cheap. It is about the same price as the Xooter, its main competitor. Other scooters are cheaper, but you get what you pay for.
(2) maintenance free. Folding bikes are fiddleley things that require maintenance. Scooters not so much but the years I used a Xooter I was constantly re-tightening the base of the handle stem which would work itself loose. The kickped hasn't had any of those issues.
(3) Rubber wheels == can actually use it in the rain. Yeah, breaks in the rain showed up as a negative, but compared to the Xooter, which slides if the sprinklers were left on... the kickped handles like a dream *comparatively* thanks to its wide rubber wheels. Things like metal service covers were a hazard on the Xooter- just leaning could cause it to skitter sideways, while the kickped doesn't have that issue.

A minor point is that it is easier (compared to the Xooter) to attach lights to the kickped thanks the the tube that runs under the board for winter when, it is often dark by the time I come home.

25 Nov 2016


Love it. Exactly what I wanted.

16 Nov 2016

The Almost Perfect Scooter!

I’ve been unemployed for over eight months, and recently landed the job I always wanted. The downside was that the job was in the city, an hours train ride away. At almost sixty, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to walk the three miles to the station. With the little bit of money that I had left to my name I bought a KickPed from NYCeWheels. I am six feet tall, and weigh in at 270. This scooter is tough and lite, and using it to commute to the train station, and to my new job has been a life saver for me!
The only thing that would make the KickPed better, would be a better braking system. The friction braking provided by pushing the rear fender against the tire is almost useless in rainy conditions. The addition of some kind of hand operated brake to assist would make this the most perfect scooter bar none!

4 Nov 2016

Great scooter! A little bit

Great scooter! A little bit heavy, but I'm pretty sure is because of the big tires. Other than that it's perfect, I loved it.

3 Nov 2016

good experience

fast shipping, solid quality scooter. I haven't used it for that long but so far so good.

2 Nov 2016

Good product

Excellent durability, and I love never having to worry about tire punctures--in a city with as much trash and broken glass on its streets as Baltimore, that's a huge consideration. If NYCeWheels reads this, I offer the following as requests or suggestions that would make the product six stars on the five-star scale:
1) A better brake. Baltimore is hilly. It rains a lot. You don't want to be speeding downhill on a KickPed in the rain, trust me. When the pavement becomes wet, the rear wheel becomes slick, and the ability to stop on a downgrade all but vanishes.
2) Bigger wheels for better speed.
3) A more stable handlebar column. If it means taking the next model to a bike shop to install the handlebars, let it be so. Being able to put one's weight on the handlebars is a major factor in kick-scootering; you can put more power into each leg thrust. Again, I'd sacrifice the ability to fold the scooter if the sturdiness of the steering column could be improved.
Many thanks for your time, and for an excellent product.

22 Oct 2016

Best all types of pavement scooter

I live up in Canada where winter plays havoc with the pavement. I rode a xootr for years but love the smooth ride I get with this scooter.

13 Oct 2016

Best Scooter!!

I am a 48 yo mother of two living in a city environment with two children, 10 and 13. I purchased a less expensive Fuzion CityGlide to test if I would use it, and found that I loved it - but fully expect it will fall apart in the next few months. Since I have purchased both a small and a large Kickped so I can ride with my kids. I can carry 60 pounds of groceries on the handles (be careful - center of gravity changes - but doable!), scooted with two of us on one scooter, fallen off (note to self - no kickscooting in the rain over plastic surfaces while turning). I am convinced this is the best scooter available for me. I feel safer on the KickPed than the CityGlide due to the traction and stability the solid rubber wheels provide. The KickPed rolls over cracks in the sidewalk where the CityGlide gets stuck (and could send me flying over the handlebars if I'm going fast) and goes up (2") and down (3-4") curbs that the CityGlide can't handle. I am 5'6" and the smaller one works the best; I anticipate my 13 yo son will enjoy the large scooter in the next two years when he becomes taller than me. Buy one and enjoy!

10 Oct 2016

Best Scooter Ever!

Perfect scooter for cities like São Paulo!

9 Oct 2016


The best scooter i ever had

7 Oct 2016

Kickped is awesome but noisy!!

Hi! I love my kickped but only after a couple months of light use(and I'm a lighter girl) the stem is really loose and rattles like crazy. Not the spring (which I fixed by wrapping a piece of fabric over it/paper didn't work) but the stem that connects to the base is loose and has at least a 1/4-1/2" play from side to side. Then there's some play vertically which I think is the culprit for the rattling that seems to happen inside the stem. I am wondering if I can take it apart? Otherwise I love all other aspects of this scooter!

4 Oct 2016

Great scooter!

The kickped is everything I hoped for. Super easy to use and sturdy. I'm 5'5" and the smaller one fits perfectly.

23 Sep 2016

Good product, no documentarion and a wobbly buying experience

Got this scooter for my daughter in college. It's simple, sturdy and it works. However, the online purchase wasn't a great experience. Everything was fine until checkout, when I kept getting mysterious error messages that were not specific enough to decipher. Was it a credit card problem? A name it didn't like? Four attempts later, I figured out (without much guidance from the site) that it was a shipping issue, and special arangements would have to be made. But there was no way to make them online. That required a phone call the next day. The phone system was chaotic, with my call getting dropped three times before I managed to talk to someone who could help. Or try to. I gave up and had the scooter shipped to me instead of my daughter. It arrived on time and in good shape, but with zero documentation. You have to watch a customer's YouTube post. Which way does the steering tube face when used correctly? Or does it matter? It can go either way, and it would be nice to know for sure.
That said, daughter loves getting across campus in half the time. So success from the product standpoint. But the buying experience needs improvement.

22 Sep 2016

A review or something

I needed a way of rolling down the hill to class every morning, and the KickPed has delivered. The scooter is strong enough that it's survived the ridiculous number of pot holes and cracks in the street and the brake works well as long as you give yourself time to brake. Only real downside is that it is a little cumbersome to carry back up the hill, but given the fact that this scooter has saved me from being late countless times, it's well worth every ounce of its weight.

At the moment, I give it four stars; if it makes it through the next three years of college, it will easily be worth five.

18 Sep 2016

If Mad max designed a scooter ...

I hook up my two crazy bagels to a belt leash and they pull me around the neighborhood with this rock solid scooter.

I have the taller version of the scooter, I'd recommend the taller version to anyone over 6 foot.

I didn't notice any loss of speed with these thick rubber tires. Going over cracks or branches that would normally stop the thinner tire scooter doesn't stop this beast.

A little expensive but you get what you pay for this thing will last you a lifetime.

Plus the Frame tube that sticks out the back looks like an exhaust pipe. Very cool.

16 Sep 2016

I approve this scooter!

From the daily pot-holed street commute to work to a 15 mile trail ride, this scooter has been a trooper. I absolutely have no regrets about making this my form of summer transportation. It's also no hassle taking it on the city bus or through the grocery store. I only wish I could continue to ride it into the snowy winter that is coming too quickly. It's probably logged over 100 miles this summer and still works like a champ.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that my ankles are a bit beat up from accidentally kicking them against the back corners of the indented part of the deck. That is user error, though. I am thinking about covering those corners with some rubber strips. It definitely has room for customization. I added a water bottle holder the front and a light on the handle bar.

15 Sep 2016

Kickped=AK47 Xootr=AR15

Hello, I am 5ft.4in. 130lbs. I am new to scooters. I own both the Kickped and the Xootr Mg. I ordered the Xootr a few months ago because I wanted the fastest most advance scooter. I caught the scooter bug then bought a kickbick, kickped, and micro suspension.

I have 2 road bikes and also inline skate, but scootering is good exercise and very convient. I don't like to leave my bike out because of thieves.

The Xootr is like the AR15 because it is fast, futuristic, and sharp. The Kickped similar to AK47 is slower, industrial, and blunt. Both are good scooters, but if society was to meltdown I would take the AK47 and Kickped. I use to like the wide deck on the Xootr but I prefer the slimmer decks now. If I was to buy another Xootr it would be the Roma or Venus. The micro suspension is still in the box so I can't comment on it.

2 Sep 2016

Best for Pokemon GO mobility!

After reading countless reviews from bikes to rollerblades, I settled on an adult kick scooter, read and research and ended up getting a Large Kickped, ordered Sunday night and got it by Thursday afternoon standard shipping to Rockford,IL. I'm 5"7 200 lbs and never rode a kick scooter and it was as easy as a bicycle. Definitely upping my Pokémon GO game a hundredfold. Thank you NYCEWheels!

20 Aug 2016

Simply the best adult scooter

Let me start by saying that I have never owned any kick scooter until now, not even as a kid. I'm very outdoor sport person and was attracted by this tough kick scooter immediately when seen it. Specially because I'm tall 6'1" and heavy 220lbs guy. I bought my 1st kick ped scooter in june 2005 in Amazon. From the 1st time I rode, I love it. This is the best outdoor , commuting toy you can buy. In fact you can burn many calories fast and exercise almost all you muscles. I purchased another one to NYCeWheels in june 2015 for my son, 20yrs old. Simply the best adult scooters on the market. No doubt.

14 Jul 2016

Love it! Its very strong for the very busted streets of Boston and even New York

It's easy to use and fold and the ride is very smooth

9 Jul 2016

Best Kick Scooter Ever!!!

I work for LUXE Valet in San Francisco so I'm on a scooter around 50hrs a week. In a three month period I had two scooters completely fall apart while riding . I do ride them pretty hard hustling from customer to customer, and over some pretty rough roads/sidewalks.
One of my coworkers had a kickped and said it was the best scooter ever. He was right! It's so quite. Other scooter sound like a box of metal being kicked around. I scare some people because they don't hear me coming. It feels nice and solid too. Probably because it only has one movable part where the t bar bends when folding. No pins to compress or pull to fold it. Just lift up at the base of the time bar and done!
Totally worth it!

24 Jun 2016

Love it!

I have been researching for the perfect scooter, until I came upon NYCeWheels website which is informative and decided to go to the actual store. There I found the KickPed, strong and perfect for my morning commute….. People there are really friendly and extremely helpful….
Thanks Ivette and the NYCeWheels crew

23 Jun 2016


This is the scooter I grab when I'm heading out on rough sidewalks or streets! No matter if it's Manhattan or my small mountain hometown this scooter makes rough surfaces much easier! Great for running errands or exercising the dog! I own several scooters, but end up riding this one more times than not!

15 Jun 2016

I fought off three muggers with this scooter

It's fast, strong, durable, and surprisingly useful as a self defence weapon. What more could you ask for?

19 May 2016

For when walking gets mundane

I've not had my Kick-Ped long enough to remark on its longevity, but given that I've taken it out over several miles of cobbled brick city streets with no complaint (except for the given vibration and noise), I think it'll do just fine. Harder to get moving at more than jog-speed than I thought. Still, it makes down-the-street trips much quicker, and travels great - especially with the bag mentioned elsewhere on this site. Not tiny by any means, but much smaller than even my folding bike.

6 May 2016

Awesome Scooter

I love it, this scooter is awesome, only issue is that the spring is too noisy otherwise, its a great scooter...

5 May 2016

Great scooter had 2 years now

I have had this scooter for 2 years now with absolutely no problems. I am 5'11" male and I got the larger one and glad I did. It rides really nice and goes fast enough, a lot faster than walking and folds right up for getting on the Max train here in Portland OR. metro area. I highly recommend it.

2 May 2016

Great Product, Easy to Use

I hadn't spent much time riding scooters before but this had a pretty easy learning curve. The wheels did great over small bumps and cracks. The scooter itself seems to be pretty sturdy, though time will tell how it holds up.

16 Apr 2016

Road Warrior

This lives up to its rep. It may be slightly slower in speed than a thin wheeled scooter, but speed is overrated. Safety isn't.

6 Apr 2016

I love my KickPed

Great for the city streets of Washington DC, has halved the walking part of my commute--and best of all it drives my 12 year old crazy to see his middle aged mom on a scooter!

30 Mar 2016

Delivery was very fast. The

Delivery was very fast. The Kickped is very high quality construction . The only thing I would like is faster bearings . ABEC 9's would have been perfect. The bearings are hard to find because they are an off - size from inline , or skateboards.

24 Mar 2016

Having Fun with My KickPed Scooter

I mainly bought the scooter to add a bit more intensity to my dogs' workouts when we go for walks. The KickPed Scooter fits my needs perfectly - it is sturdy, handles rough terrain well, and has a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. I highly recommend it. Thank you, NYCEWheels, for an excellent product.

15 Mar 2016

Yes, it can handle the weight!

I'm a big guy - I was concerned about being right at the lip of that 300lb weight limit, but it handles my fat butt no problem. And it's such fun to ride! Good exercise, and the perfect commuter vehicle to handle that mile between the train station and my destination. And shipping was great - Ordered it on a Weds afternoon, arrived Friday morning! Boom!

15 Mar 2016

Exceeded Expectations!

I couldn’t have been happier to get and ride my own kick scooter, for me and my wife, so that we could finally ride as a family with our small kids, who have gotten to the point of waiting for us to catch up while walking behind them to the park, etc. And sturdy, sturdy too—perfectly capable of handling my 220-pound frame. Lastly, the functionality of being able to fold them up for carry and storage is fantastic—I actually throw mine in the trunk and ride it to the gym during lunch on workdays, simply to further enjoy the outdoors. We are very happy customers in deed!

8 Mar 2016

Sturdy Scooter

The Kickped is really well-built and stylish. There are times that I wish it came with a front handle break, though.

19 Feb 2016

Seems to be working out well

Got this for our son who is away at college, and lives on campus. Wanted to find an easier way to quickly get to classes that are located great distances from each other, and also to get home after some classes let out at 10:00 p.m. Bike theft is an issue, and he is not very skilled at skateboarding. This scooter seemed perfect, he is 6'3" tall and 240 lb. so needed something sturdy. The fold up feature allows him to take it in the classroom and put under his desk. Very happy so far.

8 Feb 2016


Very sturdy. Not just a toy. Does the job.

8 Feb 2016

Large kickped

Just got the large kickped in the mail, and so far I am very impressed with it, the handlebars ar the perfect height for me at six feet tall. You can tell when you're riding it just how sturdy it is. And the deck is substantially larger than it looks in the pictures and videos, it's the perfect length and width and I wear a size 13 shoe. Thank you nyce wheels for an amazing product.

2 Feb 2016

Great scooter! Fast shipping

Good YouTube videos helped me make a decision on purchasing a Kickped from Nycewheels. After riding my kids razor scooter and almost doing a "face plant", I realized I needed an adult sized scooter to ride when scooter'n with my kids. I am very happy with my purchase. I'll probably buy another Goped for my daughter. Thanks NYCEWheels!

28 Jan 2016

Just what I was looking for!

I was looking for a tall push scooter for my 6' 4" son so that he could scoot to the library, park and ice cream store with his 6 yr. old daughter. The kickped was perfect for him and will provide hours of fun for them both.

27 Jan 2016

Great Cardio Workout!

I have been using the KickPed for my exercise-walk. My neighborhood is mildly hilly, so I walk up the hills and ride the KickPed on the flat and downhill portions. I enjoy the speed and exhilaration of the KickPed and naturally push myself harder than on my normal walk. (I'm 56 years old but I transform into a 16 year old again when I ride the KickPed) The robust tires handle the street or sidewalk irregularities very safely. The fold up is incredibly quick and simple.

20 Jan 2016

Saves me a ton of time!

I just bought this yestersay and I was very pleased with the service and knowledge I recieved from the store. the thing is built like a tank while being easy to carry. I commute from NJ. I was able make it from Penn station to mid-town in about 9 minutes! it was taking me about 25 min to walk. very easy to use and fold down on the train. I would highly reccomend!

18 Jan 2016

soo sweet

im 6'4 and was worried the tall version wouldnt be tall enough, but its actually at a perfect height for me. construction feels durable and rigid - i kinda wish there was no folding bar (personal preference) as it makes the post just the slightest bit wobbly. the wheels are beautiful and the post feels like it has notches to hold it stiff and straight (great for preventing speed wobbles). its still winter here in canada, but im super stoked to cruise around the city once the snow melts

15 Jan 2016

Jim Goddard

I bought this scooter for my daughter to use at college. The service and communication with NYCEWheels are great. I'm concerned that the bearings at the bottom of the handle bars where the wheel turns seem rough and very tight. I like the quick handle bar fold, but it leaves the handle bar feeling a little loose. I'm not sure what to do about the steering bearings.

15 Jan 2016

The best scooter out there!

I ordered this scooter as a step up from a razor scooter for my son. Let me say this is not a toy. It is durable and well made. This scooter has rubber tires that allow the rider to go over cracks and bumps so easily. My son could never go over some rough areas on our driveway before and now it is smooth riding. Our neighbor and her family rode this scooter on a recent trip to NY and said this was a must buy for our sons who constantly ride around our neighborhood on scooters. I took her word for it and ordered this as a Christmas present for my son so the boys would have matching scooters. I am so glad that I did! The quality of this scooter is superb and I know it will last a very long time. The handle grips are not made from foam like cheaper scooters. These are comfortable and I imagine they will last the lifetime of the scooter. I can't say enough good things about the Kickped. Customer service with Nycewheels is superb as well. I had several questions (on sizing, etc) since I live out of state and could not see the scooters in person. I have been treated wonderfully over the phone. I am extremely glad this is the scooter we chose and would recommend it for anyone. My son is 8 years old and this scooter is so cool that even my husband is considering purchasing one to ride with him.

14 Jan 2016

tough kickped

Best kickped ever.

12 Jan 2016

One of the best purchases I've made.

It is a great looking scooter that is durable and easy to carry around (in those moments when I can't ride it). It fits fine on a crowded train/tram. It is much faster than walking with about the same effort as walking. It is fun!!

I use mine almost everyday, and life is more convenient and fun because of that.

I've used other scooters in the past, and the design decisions made in the KickPed make it more enjoyable to use in a number of ways:
- Quick and easy to fold and unfold (no fumbling when you get to your destination or leave the office/house)
- Easy maintenance (don't need to worry about tire pressure, brake cables, etc)
- Can be carried on the shoulder (without a strap) when you need to use your hands
- Doesn't look like a scooter from a toy shop
- Stops wasting all the untapped gravity on downhills... :P

I seriously love this scooter, and would buy another one if I ever lost it.

12 Jan 2016

Only way to travel

I'm a college student, and this thing is the only way i get around. turns a 15-20 min walk into a speedy 5 minute ride, or less depending on hills. Watch out. This thing does not have brakes if it's really rainy outside. Handles well in dry winter and summer. Sturdy enough that I can hop curbs by sticking my "peddling" leg down, and jumping up. Takes cobblestone. This is a step up from a skateboard, but a step down from a bicycle. Pros - Lighter than a bike, and as portable as a skateboard, Rarely, if never gets fought on pebbles/ruble. Cons - No brakes when wet. Other than that one con, this is a great investment. Also makes your legs really strong because hardcore peddling becomes 100 squats (kind of)! Great vehicle. do yourself a favor and get one.

11 Jan 2016

The Best!!!!

This was a gift for a very good friend who is really a kid at heart! Although you advertise strongly for to and from work in the big city, this is totally for a young at heart MeeMee (grandmother) to play with her grandkids. I actually brought it to work (that's where we spend the most time together and she got right on it and scooted around. It was enjoyable for all to see how happy she is with the scooter! It is very well made and I'm confident it will hold up between her and the grandkids. I was especially looking for an adult scooter as she is almost 6' tall and has been trying to ride the kids' smaller scooters. What a great idea...thinking of the big kids out there!

11 Jan 2016


Just as great product. Rides great in Downtown Portland OR. Thanks again. Patrick

11 Jan 2016

Review of KickPed

Use it all the time, it operates very very well. Seems to be very robust, I'm doing around 30 - 50k's per week on it. Love riding it! Question - the handles keep twisting out of alignment with the wheels - how do I stop this?

10 Jan 2016

Best scooter out of the 3 I've owned

I've had the more affordable Razor A5 Lux and a dual suspension Tackedoo before but the Kick-Ped blows them away. You get what you pay for.

The problem with the Razor, the button that helps lock the handle bar eventually breaks, leaving you to rely on the squeeze lock above it. Great, until a tiny nob wears away, that keeps the handle bar from pulling out all the way. Even with the squeeze lock, I pulled up on the handle bar while riding to avoid hitting a sidewalk crevice hard, the bar came off and I fell into a roll.

The foam handles eventually tear too.

The Tackedoo is dangerous due to the folding lock potentially giving out while riding it. Happened twice to me, once while riding. It slid along the sidewalk instead of catching & tossing me. Suspension was nice but wondered how much it really helpedif you're near the weight limit. Potentially the same handle bar problem as the Razor.

Now the Kick-Ped... none of the problems above due to superior design. You'll never need another scooter. I've had 2 Razors & 1 Tackedoo, which together a little more than the Kick-Ped.

The Kick-Ped's handles are solid rubber, so much more durable. The handle bar doesn't collapse, so no little parts to fail. I felt more comfortable with the shorter handle bar & I'm 6'0". I first got the taller one as they recommend 5'10" & up to get the taller scooter. But I felt like I was reaching up too much when I was kicking/pushing. I'd say if you're 6'1" & up, get the taller scooter. Could be that I'm used to the other 3 scooters, which matched the shorter Kick-Ped closely.

Lastly, the Kick-Ped is rated for 300 lbs, compared to 220 lbs for the other 2. Big difference, which tells me that it's better constructed and safer. I use mine in NYC a few times a week, so I need a scooter that's safe & durable. I finally have one.

10 Jan 2016

kickped review

Not bad. I bought this because someone stole my xootr. This is my third scooter (Razor A5, xootr, and kickped). This is the most comfortable one yet. Absorbs vibrations well. It is a tad slower than the xootr. The xootr was also lower slung, which reduced stress on the non-kicking leg, but scraped a lot on curbs.
Both xootr and Razor had bad handles. Kickped's is better.
I would rate this just a hair better than the xootr and much better than the razor.

10 Jan 2016

tackles tough terrain no problemo

fun to ride and super solid on rough city terrain, i have enjoyed my kickped throughout the streets of the northwest. handles giant puddles in Portland, cement cracks in Seattle, pine needles and moss in Arcata and cobblestones of SF streets as well. love the braking system, the large wheels rock, handles well. great commuter option and super fun to ride. i will be riding mine down the las vegas strip next week! screw the taxi stand and $!! thank you kick ped!

10 Jan 2016

No speed demon and stability issues

This scooter is certainly no speed demon. I didn't buy it for that, but it does seem sluggish on the type of wheels it comes with. Also, the handlebar post has a little bit of a loose feel, giving you the sense that stability of the scooter could be at risk while riding it. Because of that, you won't want to travel fast, but those wheels will act like a governor to limit your speed.

10 Jan 2016

Highly durable

Highly durable

9 Jan 2016

Exactly what I wanted

I love my kickPed!!! I actually made my own kick scooters as a kid and this is the first one I ever bought and I love it....thanks guys!

9 Jan 2016

Sturdy and right-sized for an adult

Fun lazing along or pushing it a bit. Thoroughly enjoyable.

9 Jan 2016

Best holiday gift ever.

Best holiday gift ever.

9 Jan 2016



9 Jan 2016

So easy to use right

So easy to use right out of the box, even for the less experiences. Very sturdy and stable at any speed. Love it!

9 Jan 2016


Awesome product and equally great Staff!

9 Jan 2016

Rugged (good) but noisy (bad)

Best on the market for now (but still room for improvement).

Pro: I see adults with razor scooters and laugh. This scooter is considerably more rugged. The wide wheels make it useful in rain and over cracks and holes in the pavement. It is the only scooter that has this capability.

Cons: it is noisy. What do I mean? There are a lot of metal-on-metal parts the shake, clank, etc. when you hit even the smallest of bumps on the sidewalk. I went to Home Depot to buy some rubber separators and I snaked a shielding around the spring to soften the noise. But it still makes some noise--albeit dampened. Overall, NYCWheels should revisits the design and add some features that reduce the noise.

9 Jan 2016

Awesome Campground Scooter

I bought this to chase the kids around when we are camping for the weekend. It's easier on a scooter than a bike, that's for sure. Kids and adults can ride it with ease and I takes up no space what so ever. Great toy to add to the arsenal!!!

9 Jan 2016

Awesome Kickped

Yes it is the toughest push scooter around, I'm big guy 6'6 120kg and I ride this scooter with ease.
Totally worth getting it shipped from the USA to Australia

9 Jan 2016

Great wheels

The wheels are the best! Effortless gliding for long periods and scary fast downhill. The magnesium work is very nice, and the scooter is solid. No complaints of noise here. The mechanism for folding is simple, but not easy for my wife's tiny hands. This could use some better engineering.

9 Jan 2016

Love it.

I love my kick scooter. It is just the right size and the ride is so smooth. I like the exercise I get with it. I wanted it to get lower body exercise because I can no longer walk a long distance or walk really fast due to arthritis in my feet. I get good leg and butt exercise and can get out of breath quickly. My heart rate goes up depending on how fast and far I ride. I think it is also helping me keep good balance. Love it. Hope other seniors will discover it for a fun ride and getting exercise at the same time.

9 Jan 2016

Good durable scooter with need of a few improvements

As advertised, the KickPed is very durable and so far working very well for me after about 5 months. The wide rubber tires are great and keep from getting caught in sidewalk cracks, etc. Owners of other scooters have complained of their narrow tires getting stuck. The rubber tires also provide a comfortable ride, but the small tire diameter sometimes results in jarring bumps over large cracks and holes. Even though it would make it heavier, I would like the same design but with a larger tire diameter (while keeping the same width).

The fast, spring-loaded, collapsible handle bar is a very convenient design. But the large spring vibrates a lot over bumpy sidewalks or paved-brick walks (of which there are a lot on my university campus), making a loud racket. I resolved most of the loud vibrations by wrapping a strip of duct tape around the spring in a spiral pattern. Perhaps the design could be updated to include some kind of built-in damper for the large spring.

I'm not experienced with other adult scooters for a thorough comparison, but I suppose if those few improvements were made it would beat any other scooter. It is a great scooter as it is now, and the unique large tires and solid construction make it a quality option.

9 Jan 2016

KickPed Scooter

Wow! What a great purchase for my 6'2" rough and tumble 15yo son. I bought this for him to take away to school and he loves it. He has even used it at the skate park there and it has held up beautifully even though I know it isn't intended for that purpose. Like I said my son is rough on things and he loves this scooter!

9 Jan 2016

Company is good but I don't like their scooters.

I ordered and returned their scooter about a month ago. The scooter looked durable and well built. However it was heavy and really slow compared to my current Razor scooter. The 1.5" thick tires slow everything. It took twice as much effort to move at half of the speed. :-( Sorry, my main purpose of riding the scooter is speed. So it doesn't work for me.

9 Jan 2016


Bought the scooter for my 6'3 220 pound college sophomore to get around campus. He loves it. He's destroyed several lesser scooters. This one is great.

8 Jan 2016

Rugged Kick scooter

I'm a 200 lb. plus guy who thinks that this kick scooter is a one-time buy that will last forever. No need to look for any other, that's how durable it's built. It rides very smoothly, but you need only to make sure the wheels are sufficiently lubricated. That's the only maintenance. Would like to see a larger tire on future models. Perhaps even air-filled.

8 Jan 2016

Kick Ped

I purchased the "tall" version. The scooter has a nice ride and handles small rocks, pavement cracks very well, I even road it down a gravel road. The only thing I do not like is that the tall version has a lot of flex in the steering stalk. It needs to be stiffened and the tolerances tightened at the knuckle where it folds. Too much flex for high speed down hill runs or any tricks.