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Kickped Scooter

Our experience in selling and servicing kick scooters resulted in the KickPed, an ultraweight and completely indestructible kick scooter. We have teamed up with Patmont Motor Werks of California to develop this mighty, durable and surprisingly efficient adult city commuter.

The KickPed is extremely bare, with no extra things or features to add to its weight or to be susceptible to damage. Only what is absolutely needed for riding is there. The wheels are solid rubber, so even this most sensitive and certainly the softest part will never be flat. Even the brake, which is a rear spoon one will never need replacement. Thee whole thing is made of steel and is practically indestructible.

People who ride kick scooters for any practical reasons, as part of their work, commuting to work or recreation and spend a considerable portion of time on these will often have these broken or damaged beyond the ability of safe riding. If you’re one of such people, you were stranded thinking how it would be grat to have a kick scooter which you will be able to always rely upon!

Luckily, now there’s KickPed. You will never ever have to worry whether your scooter will break or fail any other way. Basically, you will never ever need to buy another one, as it has high quality coating to protect it from corrosion and will serve you for years, or perhaps for lifetime. The only way known to us to lose a KickPed is to have it stolen or lost.

Despide the steel is not the lightest material for kick scooters, the KickPed is not particularly heavy. It weighs only 11.7 lbs but can carry 300 lbs of crew.

We are highly confident your KickPed will never break or sustain any significant damage, so it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame!

Never Rode a Kick Scooter Before? Do not think a Kick Scooter will help you with your transportation needs? Get the KickPed and try rolling through the streets faster than ever before. Burn some more calories while going to work or grocery, and get there several times faster than you would do walking there. Kick scooters are actually extremely useful, and are not just a toy. The only main disadvantage of kick scooters – the fact that they can often break or become loose is now solved. You buy KickPed only once.