KickPed and City Kicker comparison review

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KickPed and City Kicker comparison review

KickPed and CityKicker kick scooters

I remember begging my parents for a Razor scooter for my tenth birthday. I had the perfect one all picked out: green translucent wheels, matching handlebar grips, and the a cooler folding mechanism than my little brain could conceive. At the time these scooters were just catching on and all my classmates were getting them. In an astounding stroke of luck, my parents finally relented to my persistent badgering, and I spent the next year or so blissfully zooming around the neighborhood on those tiny green wheels.

Reliving the Experience

Recently, I got to relive the experience of discovering portable scooters for the first time, as I tested out the Kickped and City Kicker scooters. And no, I was not cruising down aisles on a mad scooting spree at Toys R Us--these are scooters for grown-ups! And after all, why not? Practical, light weight, and economical, these vehicles are portable and handy.

Kickped: Sturdy and Smooth

Of the two, the Kickped reminded me most of how I remember my old Razor. Its sturdy steel frame and rear foot break made it feel safe and reliable, and the wide wheels gave it an all-terrain kind of feel. The Kickped kick scooter also features a nifty, spring-loaded collapsing mechanism that is extremely simple to use. In its collapsed sate, the scooter can simply be thrown over one's shoulder--no strap required.

The long deck makes the Kickped feel durable and flexible, and the exposed reddish grain of the wood makes for a rich, classic aesthetic. I particularly enjoyed floating over bumps and cracks in the sidewalk with an ease that I have never felt in a scooter before--the Kickped just soaks up any unevenness in the ground.

City Kicker: the Luxury Ride

In contrast to the simplicity of the Kickped, the wide board and bigger wheels on the City Kicker made the latter model feel like a luxury cruiser. Its aluminum frame and magnesium board keep the model strong but light, while the adjustable stem means it can accommodate riders of any height. A locking pin system makes collapsing the City Kicker simple and easy to maintain, and a traditional nylon carrying strap means it is easy to transport. This scooter also features both a rear wheel foot brake and a front hand brake for maximal stopping power. This feature is especially helpful for anyone hoping to ride their scooter down steep hills or in wet conditions.

Both scooters were a pleasure to ride, and served to remind me of a simple fact that my ten-year-old self would be rueful to know I had forgotten--scooters are awesome. Whether you are looking for the smooth ride of the KickPed or the speedy, adjustable City Kicker, get your perfect adult kick scooter today!