KickPed Review: First Impressions of NYC's Kick Scooter

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KickPed Review: First Impressions of NYC's Kick Scooter

Lets start at the beginning. I wrote this KickPed review the day Goped sent us the prototype for our KickPed scooter. It was pretty exciting day. The box came in and Bert jumped up saying, "Is that what I think it is?" Sure enough as we cut the box's packing tape and lifted its contents out: our beautiful raw lacquer adult kick scooter. It had an impressive look and feel.

The precision welding and polished steel gave a strong impression of hand built quality. We were happy to find our designs carried out to such exacting ends. And then we got to ride it too!

Kick Ped, my first ride...

My first ride on the KickPed was later that evening. I took it out for a spin around the block to see how it would compare to the Xootr adult kick scooters that are oh so popular. It turned out to be a real contender. I loved the shock absorbing effect of its soft rubber tires. The Xootr is faster but the Kick Ped is more comfortable. I especially liked that the KickPed has much taller handlebars than most kick scooters. At 6' 2" I was actually comfortable, my hands at hip level. That's usually the number one problem I have with kick scooters, even adult kick scooters.

The deck of the KickPed is about 5.5 inches across. That's a bit wider than some adult kick scooters meant for high speed but much thinner than a lot of "comfort" kick scooters. I appreciated the nice middle ground this deck width falls in. I had enough space for my feet without the deck getting in the way of my kicks.

One heavy duty adult kick scooter


The weight limit of the Kick Ped really impressed me. 300lbs max? That's quite a figure. I could really feel the solid construction of the KickPed when I rode it over curbs and dropped it on the ground (hey dropping a kick scooter can tell you a lot about it!). The Kick Ped is resilient and tough, ready and able to handle the abuses of everyday riding.

Perhaps the most stunning feature of the KickPed adult kick scooter is how it folds up so quickly. Simply flick the carrying strap off the fender brake and the whole scooter just unfolds. Just like that! No hinges to tighten, no clasps, no quick releases. How brilliant is that? And to fold it up simply slide up a spring loaded handlebar sleeve, fold over, and return the strap to the fender brake. When the KickPed is folded you can throw it over your shoulder to carry with both hands free. This is one very convenient kick scooter.

My first KickPed impressions

Overall I had an excellent experience with the KickPed. It is a very sturdy and quality product. I like that it is made in the USA and comes with a guarantee of free lifetime service. Anyway, we figured that by making the Kick Ped indestructible we wouldn't be risking too much by offering that guarantee.

If you want an adult kick scooter that is made to last and fits even taller and heavier adults the KickPed is the answer. Check out the KickPed online or stop by our shop for a test ride.