KickPed Warranty

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KickPed Warranty

The Manufacturer's warranty covers defects in manufacturing for a period of 90 days and is detailed below so long as the rider follows the requirements of proper use. "Proper use" of the KickPed means use on paved surfaces where the handlebar is used for guiding the scooter rather than supporting the weight of the rider. Proper use does not include riding over pot holes, curbs, big rocks or other obstacles, stunt riding, trick riding, or commercial use.

The following are some examples of warranty coverage:

  1. Frame - Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  2. Bearings - 90 days (this is a wear/tear part)
  3. Handlebar sleeve - 90 days (when used in accordance with proper use)
  4. Rear fender brake - 180 days (this is a wear/tear part)

The warranty does not cover:

  1. Chips in wood deck
  2. Creaking or noises from deck when kicking
  3. Rattling noises
  4. Damages from crashing, stunt riding or commercial use
  5. Damages from riding over curbs, through potholes, or over rocks
  6. Shipping of replacement parts
  7. Labor cost to install replacement parts
  8. Handlebar grips
  9. Rust accumulated

Warranty details

Patmont Motor Werks, a Nevada Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "P.M.W.") expressly warrants that each of its products is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal operating conditions and according to proper use for a period of 90 days from the date of original purchase. Normal operating conditions require routine care and maintenance by the purchaser of the product. Proper use means that the P.M.W. transportation product is to be used only in the manner intended for personal transportation of a single rider with proper safety equipment. P.M.W. Transportation Products are intended for use only with the proper safety equipment on smoothly paved, safe, dry, non-oily surfaces in accordance with local regulations during daylight hours. This warranty does not apply to tire wear, operation under abnormal conditions or damage to the vehicle brought on by improper use. Racing, competitive or commercial use, or modification of the product shall void this express limited warranty. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the scooter. Kickped scooters purchased secondhand are not eligible for this express limited warranty.