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Kleefer Pure 180 (5 Reviews)

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Product information "Kleefer Pure 180"
The smooth riding kick scooter features the fastest and coolest fold on the market!

The Kleefer Pure 180 offers a unique design. It features a double handlebar and a curved deck for the most rigidity and ergonomics in the riding position. Has one of the most unique folds, and can be rolled while folded in its "trolley mode". It also has a nice low deck for easy effortless kicks, and a stiff aluminum frame for the fastest ride possible!

Read our full blog post on Kleefer scooters herehttps://www.nycewheels.com/blog/kleefer-adult-kick-scooters/ 

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(5 Reviews)
20 Oct 2018

Great for conquering the concrete jungle

Like you, I have been eyeing this scooter for some time. I chose it over the KickPed after trying it in the NYCE Wheels store. The KickPed has beefier wheels and build, but did not fold as compact as the Kleefer, nor did it have the Kleefer’s handbrake, which I believe is ESSENTIAL for managing NYC’s people-filled grids. I am a frequent NY VISITOR, but not a year-round resident—if I had to commute daily in a range of weather then the KickPed is a better pick.

The Kleefer has a low center of gravity and incredibly low rolling resistance. You can go FAR with just one push. The fold is awesome, and the ability to dolly it is so convenient when you stop into a Duane Reade or restaurant. This cannot be overstated.

The build is quite good and we’ll just have to see how long it holds up. It is very sturdy.

Lastly, the handbrake is crucial. The thing about NYC sidewalks is that there are tons of people on them all the time. Using the spoon brake only is too much for the rider to manage and still be more efficient than walking. This is because you have to push with one foot and use the other for balance. If you need to quickly tap the brake you must board the pushing foot THEN shift your balance foot to the spoon brake, then reverse the process to start pushing again. Imagine this over the course of a 20 minute commute. Thus, the hand brake puts this model above the rest, even if not as beefy as the KickPed.

Max was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great staff, easy going vibe, clean store, and a great location for trying out the gear.

19 Sep 2018


The scooter was great for 3 months, then it broke when I was riding it home at the bottom of the two rods that connect it to the front wheel.
The scooter during the first few months i had it is a 5/5. Its very smooth, and has an extremely convenient folding mechanism, but after it broke i think it looses some stars. I weigh about 170lbs, and i used the scooter to get to and from work every day.

24 Nov 2017

Not as Fast as Xootr

This is a very good scooter. I especially like the kick fold up function. However it is not as fast as a Xootr. The Xootr glides/coasts for longer. The break stop function is also nice but after a couple of months use the pad is worn down and the front wheel moves with the break stop - thus I cannot leave it upright without it slipping. After this one breaks i will go back to a Xootr.

15 Jun 2017

This is a Smart purchase for Safety as well as Speed and Sleek Look. Greatly Impressed with Kleefer Pure

I wanted to keep up with my son zipping around in his Razor through all his after-school / Weekend activities. Reading Kickped reviews, I went for it first but it was too tiring having to kick it several times while Xooter didn't seem too safe. This is perfect having the same safety as Kickped and needing less kicks. It's so steady that I can even carry my grocery bags along. I rode on a packed 7th street on a Smorgasburg day Saturday right after it rained and.. it was a breeze. One kick and it folds up automatically when going into the subway and is quite easy to hold it upright in lock position or even put under the seat..especially in a crowded subway trains. For the price, it seems a bargain. Hand brakes as well as back brakes make it so convenient and safe especially if you end up speeding downhill. NYCEWheels folks in Manhattan certainly had a say in helping me choose this as it's their personal choice as well.

11 Jun 2017

Fast Movement and Convenient Folding makes this very useful

I got this to replace my bike after it was stolen. My daily commute includes about 2 miles of riding and 8 miles on a bus. Although the efficiency is lower than on a bike, this has proved to be more convenient for me once I arrive at work, since I just fold and take it inside with me. Also getting on the bus is quicker, no need to put it on the rack in the bus.
Mostly though, it has been better because sometimes I bring a garment bag to work and have to change when I leave into a nice pair of trousers, dress shirt and nice shoes. Riding on my bike was problematic when this was the case. This just feels like the smarter option. It has also been a great conversation piece.