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Kryptonite is known as the very best bicycle lock manufacturer in the world. You can't pick... more


Product information "KRYPTONITE|New York Lock"
The Kryptonite NYC 3000 U-Lock is the strongest, pick-proof lock around. It even comes with insurance through the company. How's THAT for reliability? This particular lock is 4" wide and about 8" long.

Kryptonite is known as the very best bicycle lock manufacturer in the world. You can't pick these (not even with a ballpoint pen!), and they're completely freeze-proof. (technique used to weaken metal)
Why is the New York lock so much better than other U-Locks?

Kryptonite NY3000 U-Lock features:

  • 3 Keys, one with high-powered LED
  • Anti-Theft insurance provided by Kryptonite
  • Double-deadbolt locking system
  • Includes mount to attach to bike frame

Kryptonite's flat keys prevent anything from getting in to pick the lock, not to mention the thick hardened steel that resists bolt cutters. It's a lock designed for New York City.

The Kryptonite New York Lock is the toughest U-lock you can get for your bike.
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(1 Reviews)
10 Jan 2016

An Inch More for Kryptonite

The lock itself is very good except that because the "U-Shape" is shorter than what we thought it would be as shown in the picture of this Kryptonite, my husband find it harder to look for places to leave his bike. The metal bar and the bike frame should be TIGHTLY LOCKED TOGETHER. If the "U-shape" is given an additional inch longer, it would be easier for him to use this particular lock.


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