Kryptonite New York Lock U-lock reviews

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Kryptonite New York Lock U-lock reviews

Kryptonite locks are widely recognized as some of the best bicycle locks ever made. Don't believe me? Here are a few reviews from loyal Kryptonite customers:

Wonderful bike lock, a bit heavy

I recently purchased one of these Kryptonite u locks, and it works great.

They give you 3 keys but one of them broke right away, I think I stepped on it when the lock was laying on the ground. I am using the spare keys that shipped with it.

While I'll buy Kryptonite again, good product, they need to make stronger keys.
NJ Judd

Heavy but it needs to be?

After inspecting my bike, I realized the mounting bracket is not large enough for my frame. I guess it is made for standard bike frames, not full suspension bicycles with weird frames.

The good thing is that the New York Lock is just not going to fail, period. Your bike is going to be where you locked it. Downtown NYC, Bronx, wherever. One of the lighter models is probably good enough to meet most needs and is more transportable but this baby is made for New York City.

Great U-lock, good job Kryptonite

This U-lock turns smoothly and works awesome. If you commute to work/school, it might be better to leave the lock in 1 place, you can safely have it locked onto something. I paired with with a 6 foot python masterlock cable to make it an awesome combination. I leave the lock at school due to it being heavy.

I have seen complaints about the keys but they don't seem to be a problem. The lock turns really smoothly so I haven't had to deal with the flimsiness of the lock key. Just make sure it is in all the way and turn it gently. :) Great U-lock, finally no worries. An awesome combination. I leave the lock at school due to it being heavy.

Strong Kryptonite bicycle lock, my review here

I have now owned this Kryptonite u-lock for almost a year. It is very sturdy, and the included bracket mounts very easily to your bicycle, It's also large enough that you can lock your bike easily to whatever is around. If you live in NYC or something, maybe it's not heavy enough, but often, I find that whatever I'm locking the bike to would be easier to break/cut through than the lock itself.

Occasionally, the lock does get stuck a bit, but if you throw in a bit of oil or lock grease or whatever, it works fine again.

I am very happy with this bike lock. Also, it doesn't weigh that much, and the peace of mind you get by using a U lock over a cable is priceless!