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LightSKIN Seatpost for Brompton (2 Reviews)

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Product information "LightSKIN Seatpost for Brompton"
LightSKIN illuminated seatposts are the solution for anyone who doesn't fancy having to take their lights off the bike every time they leave it alone. Requires 2x AA batteries (not included).

We've all been there: you return to your bicycle, only to find that someone else has decided they needed your lights more than you do. Left in the dark, you have no choice but to ride home invisible to both motorists and bicycles alike. With the LightSKIN illuminated Brompton seatpost, you will always ready to take on the night without worrying whether or not your light will be there to help you stay visible.

LightSKIN features:


  • 5 LED light built into the seatpost doesn't interfere with folding
  • Waterproof, theftproof, forgetproof. You won't leave this light behind.
  • Multiple flashing modes, including a battery saving three LED mode.
  • Takes two AA batteries (not included)



The standard length LightSKIN is exactly the length of a standard Brompton seat post. The telescopic upper replaces the upper portion of Brompton's telescopic seat post. If you also need the lower part, you can buy it here.

Note on installation: You'll probably need to tighten up your seat post clamp a bit when using this post as the diameter is just slightly different than an LightSKIN videooriginal seat post. Use a 10mm wrench to tighten/loosen the bolt an 1/8th turn at a time. Test the post by grabbing the seat and trying to twist it to the side with the clamp engaged. If it slips, go a little tighter. If it doesn't slip but it is too hard to close the clamp, go a little looser.

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(2 Reviews)
2 Nov 2017

Great addition to you Brompton but concerns with rubber bottom.

Okay, the light itself is great, mulitple led modes, memory of last mode, and easily replaceable AA batteries. Great!

However, the bottom of the stand length lightskin post has a rubber stopperwith a thick metal ring separating it from the seat post. The metal rings seem to always knock into the frame with it's pulled up and the rubber bottom fell off exposing the twist cap underneath. Happen twice to me and lost the rubber stopper. What's worst, lightskin don't offer replacement parts! =(

P.S. Also the seat post with battery does add extra weight to your Brompton and there's alternate cheaper method if you just want light on you brompton.

14 Jul 2017

Light skin seatpost

Great,I love it.


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